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How to Get Cassette Tapes in Stray

Kicking it Old School!

The Slums may be one of Stray’s largest hubs, but Midtown can be confusing in its own right. There are numerous shops and people to interact with. One mission in Midtown requires our titular stray to help Clementine’s colleague Blazer enter a heavily guarded factory. Unfortunately, to do so, Blazer needs to disguise himself as a worker. You will have to find both a helmet and jacket and to get the latter item, you need to find cassette tapes. Here’s where to find the cassette tapes in Stray.

How to Get Cassette Tapes in Stray

The tailor won’t let you simply swipe the jacket. Instead, you will need a distraction to help with your heist. In the back of the jacket tailor’s shop is a set of fitting rooms. Near the end of the hallway is a cassette player perfect for a distraction. But where do you find cassette tapes in Stray?

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To get the cassette tapes head back to Clementine’s apartment complex. Near the entrance, you will come across a group of “young” robots playing music. They agree to give the cassette tapes but you will have to do them a favor first. They’re tired of living under the oppressive rule of the locked-down procedure with cameras following their every move. They want you to smash them.

You’ll find a camera in the center space of the building. Go up a floor higher than the camera and leap down on top of the camera to smash it. You will find another camera on the second floor as well that you can smash as well. After smashing all of the cameras, return to the robots who will give you the cassette tapes that you need.

Now, that you have the cassette tapes you can continue on your way to getting the helmet and jacket and infiltrating the Factory for the Atomic Battery. Stick with Gamer Journalist for all of your Stray coverage.

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