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How to Get Haste + Mastery Gem in WoW Dragonflight

It is simple, except it isn't.
Dragonflight Timewalking Vendors
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In the world of RPGs, not only does levelling up will make your stats increase. Spells, special armor, and, in this case, gems will have a positive effect on your character’s strenght and the rest of its abilities. If only this could work in real life, I could get a boost of, well, zero points. Nope, I don’t have any jewelry, but you get the point! Anyway, here is how to get Haste + Mastery gem in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to Get Haste + Mastery Gem

Let’s get things clear before moving forward. The Haste + Master gem is actually called Keen Ysemerald. This gem will grant you a boost in both, you know, Haste (+49) and Mastery (+23), at quality level 1. It is an Earth Emerald with a max stack of 200 and a sell price of 70 silver pieces. In order to learn how to craft the Keen Ysemeral, you will have to be at least level 58 and have a Renown Rank of 10 with the Isakaara Tuskarr. Once you have them in your pocket, head over to The Azure Span and either locate the following NPCs: Murik or Rokkutuk. Each of them will sell you the Desing: Keen Ysemeral for 50 Dragon Isles Supplies. You will be able to get those by defeating enemies in the wild, completing objectives, finding them in stashes and as rewards for completing quests.

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Now that you know how to craft the Keen Ysemeral, be sure to use the best of this new gem in order to get the best boost out of this material. Haste will increase your attack, ranged attack and casting speed. Mastery will benefit your specialization by converting Mastery Points into specific boosts that will benefit you.

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