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Best Fury Warrior Talent Builds in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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Fury Warriors are in a fantastic position in Dragonflight, featuring great sustain, defense, passive mitigation, and a killer version of the signature ability Mortal Strike. Having a plan from the get-go on how to build your level 70 Warrior is essential. While it’s easy to copy & paste the export strings of other players’ personal talent trees, the best way to succeed is to build up your skill tree yourself. Your gear, your play style, and your preferences are imperative to building up what combat skills will make your Warrior shine. Don’t know where to start? We got here the list of talents Fury Warriors can’t live without. Use these as a baseline to work around!

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Best Fury Warrior Talent Builds in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Image Via Blizzard Entertainment

Class Talents (From the Warrior Tree)

From the base Warrior Tree, these are hands down the best skills you need to stay competitive. Tick these on, and then customize from there.

  • Defensive Stance Combat state that reduces all damage you take and all damage you deal by 20 and 10% respectively.
  • Spell Reflection – Reflect magic used against you, then reduces magic damage.
  • Fast Footwork – Increase Movement Speed.
  • Leeching Strikes – Leech increase.
  • Furious Blows – Increase the speed of your auto-attack.
  • Heroic Leap – Leap to a target location, landing with AOE damage within 0 yards.
  • Frothing Berserker – Rampage has a chance to refund Rage spent.
  • Pain and Gain When you take damage, heal some of your maximum health every 10 seconds.
  • Reinforced Plates Armor increases by 20%.
  • Bounding Strike – Reduces the cooldown of Heroic Leap, and using Heroic leap now increases your run speed for 3 seconds.
  • Double TimeIncreases the maximum number of charges on the skill Charge by one, and reduces its cooldown.
  • Wild Strikes Haste is increased. Auto-attack critical strikes increase your auto-attack speed for ten seconds!
  • Dual Wield Specialization Increase your dual-wielding damage! Bread and butter for Fury Warriors.
  • Cruel Strikes Critical strike chance increased, critical strike damage of Execute increased.
  • Armored to the TeethGain strength by a percentage of your armor. DPS booster.
  • Avatar Generates rage, turn into a giant Colossus, deal increased damage, take decreased damage for a set time!
  • Titan’s Torment – Cast Odyn’s Fury when you cast Avatar, casts Avatar at reduced effectiveness. Odyn’s Fury is in the Fury Tree.

From there, you can play around with your skills. Which skills you’ll pick then may vary on if you focus on dungeons, Mythic+, or single-target raid encounters. You may want to pick up Intervene for single target or PVP, but not so much for dungeons. I’d suggest taking the time to read the remainder skills one by one to find what works for you, but to save you some more time, these are the skills that you absolutely don’t want to pick up:

  • Beserker Shout
  • Second Wind
  • Inspiring Presence
  • Thunder Clap
  • Wrecking Throw
  • Crushing Force
  • Cacophonous Roar
  • Side Arm
  • Blood and Thunder
  • Crackling Thunder
  • Titanic Throw
  • Endurance Training
  • Shockwave
  • Uproar
  • Rumbling Earth
  • Sonic Boom

Talents (From the Fury Tree)

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Diving now into the Fury Tree, there are some stand-out skills all Fury Warriors just have to have. As before, they’re listed out for you below.

  • BloodthirstAssault your target, deal physical damage, restore health. Staple skill for generating rage and getting in DPS.
  • Raging BlowOne Charge, a huge blow that deals a ton of attack power, generates rage.
  • Improved Enrage Enrage now increases your Haste and your movement speed.
  • Enraged Regeneration Reduce damage taken, Bloodthirst now restores more health!
  • Sudden Death Attacks have a chance to reset the cooldown of Execute, and you can use it on any target regardless of health.
  • Rampage Enrages you, then inflicts four strikes of physical damage.
  • Cruelty When enraged, Raging Blow and Annihilator deals more damage.
  • Recklessness – Increase your Rage generation by a hundred percent and get a ton of critical strike chance for twelve seconds.
  • Odyn’s FuryYour holy grail skill that obliterates foes with tons of physical damage to all enemies within 0 yards. Generates rage.

As before, there are plenty of skills past those initial ones that can make or break a build. Some awesome ones to consider are Improved Execute, Frenzy, Improved Whirlwind, and Warpaint– but those skills might not fit your playstyle. Nevertheless, no matter what you’re picking, these are skills you can safely avoid picking up altogether.

  • Single-Minded Fury
  • Frenzied Flurry
  • Tenderized

Sharing Dragonflight Fury Builds

Before committing anything, using Wowhead’s Fury Warrior calculator for Dragonflight is great to build that perfect plan for your warrior. These talents can be exported into a code to put directly into your game with very little issue. Wowhead has a completed Fury Warrior tree you can check out here, but in practice, the best information for Fury Warriors are the various builds from Icy Veins or the Youtuber FirmButFair Gaming who has a kickass Mythic+ in-depth guide.

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