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How to get hard wax in Bee Swarm Simulator

Just shove it in the freezer for a bit.
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Bee Swarm Simulator is a fantastic and loaded Roblox experience where players can grow a hive to harvest honey to turn it into pollen. But that’s just the start of it. Upgrade your hive as you help out NPCs, defeat bosses, explore the land, and get involved with its complex crafting system. Hard Wax is one ingredient you may find yourself using a lot. Here is how to get Hard Wax in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator.

How to get Hard Wax in Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator has a pretty complex crafting system, where you will need a lot of things to craft a lot more things to craft one powerful thing. Hard Wax is an ingredient that you’ll need a lot of if you want to craft certain strong items, so you’ll need to know how to make a lot of it. You can either craft it, or find it in numerous situations.

Hard Wax can be crafted at the Blender for 3 Soft Wax, 3 enzymes, 33 berries and 33 royal jellies. So yeah, it’s expensive, which is why players typically rely on finding it through the other means. You can obtain Hard Wax as a rare drop from planters, or as a regular drop through a level 7 Snowbear or Puffshrooms (but not the common ones). Players may also receive Hard Wax as a reward for certain quests or from gifting things to NPCs.

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What Hard Wax is used for in Bee Swarm Simulator

Hard Wax can be used to improve the stats on a Beequip, more than the Soft Wax, but only at a 60% chance. Players typically use Hard Wax in Bee Swarm Simulator for its crafting versatility, anyways. With Hard Wax, you can craft a couple different Planters, Caustic Wax, Swirled Wax, Loaded Dice, and the dreaded Dark Scythe.

The Dark Scythe requires 100 Hard Waxes, but is incredibly powerful. It will harvest pollen in a crescent patten in a huge range, collecting a whole bunch of pollen with each individual hit.

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