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How to get Soft Wax in Bee Swarm Simulator

Just stick it in the microwave, right?
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Bee Swarm Simulator is the revolutionary Roblox experience that many players know and love. With your army of bees, you will harvest the fields of all their pollen, and you will help all the NPCs that will richly reward you. Whilst you embark on your honey crusade, you will want to improve the stats of your bees, and Soft Wax is something that will open up many doors for you. Here is how to get Soft Wax in Bee Swarm Simulator.

How to get Soft Wax in Bee Swarm Simulator

Soft Wax is a commodity that you will probably be getting a lot of, considering its versatile use. Soft Wax can be obtained in numerous ways. You could get Soft Wax as a drop bonus from using planters or from Puffshrooms or Snowbear. You can also use Riley bee’s Honeyday Candles for a chance to drop a few of them.

Aside from chance drops, you can actually craft it from the Blender, which can be found in the Badge Bearer’s Guild. If you have 10 honeysuckles, 10 royal jellies, 1 oil and 1enzymes, then you can craft 1 Soft Wax. It’s quite an expensive recipe, which is why most players rely on finding them throughout playing the game.

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What Soft Wax is used for in Bee Swarm Simulator

Once you have a lot of Soft Wax, you can craft many things with it, or upgrade your Beequips. Using the Soft Wax to upgrade a Beequip will slightly raise its stats. Most value Soft Wax due to its crafting capabilities, however. It is used to create hard and swirled wax as well as many planters. Field dice and smooth dice can also be made using Soft Wax.

Due to its versatility, you’ll want a lot of it to make lots of other things.

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