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How to Plant Grapes in Skyblock

How to Plant Grapes in Skyblock

The new update for Roblox Skyblock added many new features, grapes being one of them. These new items are a little bit different than the other items we use in this game. Grapes can be used to make some food that can ultimately be sold for coins. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to plant grapes in Skyblock.

How to Plant Grapes in Skyblock

To learn how to plant grapes in Skyblock, the first thing you need is a Trellis. The new Skyblock item is needed for growing a few different things in this game, including grapes. You will need to collect thirty Birch Wood and a Tall Grass to build a Trellis. In order to collect Birch Wood, you will need to purchase a few Birch Saplings, and cut the trees down with an axe.

Next, you will need some Tall Grass which randomly spawns on areas around the island. All you need to do is find some and chop it down with an axe. When you have 30x Birch Wood and 1x Tall Grass, it’s time to craft your Trellis.

Place the Trellis anywhere you want, and then head over to the seed vendor. You will want to have 3,000 coins to purchase a Grape Seed from the Vendor. Plant the Grape Seed in the Trellis and wait for it to grow. Grapes are an ingredients used in some different types of food, including Grape Jam and Jam Sandwiches.

How to make Grape Jam & Jam Sandwich in Skyblock

  • Grape Jam – 2x Grapes
  • Jam Sandwich – 2x Bread, 1x Grape Jam

To start making these food items, you need to make a Cooking Table. Start off by making some Grape Jam, and then create your bread with Wheat and a campfire. After making your two pieces of bread, head to the Cooking Table and combine it with the Grape Jam for a scrumptious Jam Sandwich.

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