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How to get Flaming Mace in Terraria Journey’s End

How to get Flaming Mace in Terraria Journey's End

With over 800 new craftable items to sift through, the Journey’s End update for Terraria brings tons of new content to the game. There are a few new starting weapons to look out for, including an upgrade to the plain old Mace. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Flaming Mace in Terraria Journey’s End.

How to get Flaming Mace in Terraria Journey’s End

First, you will need to go out and find a mace—this is a simple item to find as it’s available in most underground chests independent of biomes. You can then upgrade this into a Flaming Mace with a few easy to gather materials.

To upgrade to a Flaming Mace, you need to have 99 Torches and the regular Mace. The new Mace does the same amount of damage but grants a fire debuff to enemies. Additionally, it lights your path as you run through dark areas.

Because of how easy it is to get this item, it’s something you can pick up on your first night of Terraria. All you need to do is explore a bit underground. It’s also a great starting weapon for this same reason, perhaps even one of the best in the game. The damage is only 19, though, so it will not be effective against higher defense enemies.

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