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How to Get Fearsome Visor in No Man’s Sky

You underestimate the my power.
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With a new update, comes new rewards. And, as you can see above, they are quite nice and iconic. However, not all things come for free, and you will have to do some work before you get what many call the Vader helmet in No Man’s Sky. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fall to the dark side or be burnt alive to sport one of these. Here is how to get the Fearsome Visor in No Man’s Sky.

How to Get Fearsome Visor in No Man’s Sky

The Fearsome Visor, which resembles a certain character of a beloved space conflict series, is one of the rewards and newly introduced cosmetic that is being introduced in the Fractal Update. More specifically, you will unlock the Fearsome Visor after completing one of the 5 Phases that make up the entirety of the Utopia Expedition. In this particular case, you will have to complete the 3rd Phase, which, just as you might think, comes after Phase 1 and 2. These two have their own rewards, but Phase 3 is only available once they are completed. You will have to complete all the milestones below in order to get the Fearsome Visor as a reward.

Utopia Expedition – Phase 3 Milestones

Outpost GammaArrive at the 3rd Restoration Point1,200 Nanites; Utopia Supply Drop Gamma; Pre-Packaged Pulse Splitter Unit
Assignment GammaCollect your Next Instructions from UtopiaDecorative Base Parts Set; Condensed Carbon x 512; Pre-Packaged Airburst Engine Unit; Pre-Packaged Cloaking Device Unit
Settlement GammaBuild a Base on the 3rd PlanetPortable Exocraft Research Station Plans; Pre-Packaged Amplified Cartridges Unit; Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrade x 2
Advanced MechanicsAcquire an Exocraft UpgradeNautilon Chamber Plans; Repair Kit x 5; Supreme Exocraft Boost Upgrade
Fauna MarineDiscover 3 Aquatic CreaturesIon Battery x 20; Cyto-Phosphate x 800; Curly Coral Plans
Pearls of WisdomHarvest 3 Living PearlsMarine Shelter; Cable Pod; Oxygen x 512; Nautilon Advanced Equipment Blueprints
Local DelicaciesPrepare Cocoa and Pilgrim’s TonicSupreme Scanning System Upgrade; Inventory Slot x 3; Assortment of Cakes
Flora MagentaDocument 8 Plant-Life on the Third PlanetStorage Container Plans; Supreme Scanning System Upgrade

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If you have arrived at Phase 3, you are pretty used to the particulars of base building and restoration, since this is the third time you will do this in the Utopia Expedition part of the Fractal Update. Follow each of the instructions you will be presented and you will be good to go. Good luck!

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