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How to get Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe

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Kaiju Universe is the intense PvP fighter simulator that is set in a world of Kaijus. Players will play as and unlock different Kaijus and monsters from the Kaiju world and battle other players. If you want to reach one of the strongest Kaijus in the game, then Eva-01 is the Kaiju for you. Here’s how to get Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe.

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How to get Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe

Below are all of the requirements to be able to purchase Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe. If you don’t meet the requirements, you cannot purchase this Kaiju.

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Reach level 100 with Shin Gojira

If you want to get your hands on Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe, you must first have Shin Gojira and reach level 100. This Kaiju isn’t too difficult to get if you haven’t got it already. Grinding to level 100 is the hard part, however, as you’ve really got to grind and fight other players. If you want to level up quickly, don’t stray from any fights.

Reach level 15 with Monster Zero

Monster Zero is a tough Kaiju to get, considering you need a level 100 Godzilla 2019 and 500,000 G-Cells. Thankfully, you only need to get this beast to level 15 to fit the requirements. Most of your time trying to get Eva-01 will probably be spent trying to get Monster Zero.

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Get 201 Kaiju kills with Type-2 Kiryu

Type-2 Kiryu is another difficult Kaiju to get, relying on the high levels of two other Kaijus. Once you have it, however, you cannot simply grind away until you hit a certain level threshold. You’ll need to achieve player kills, and a lot of them. Fighting and killing 201 other players is difficult, but thankfully Type-2 Kiryu is a strong and powerful Kaiju, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Have 600,000 G-Cells

Once you have met all of the above requirements, you can finally purchase Eva-01 in Kaiju Universe. The only problem is, however, it’ll cost you 600,000 G-Cells. Quite the investment indeed, but you should be swimming in G-Cells from all the wanton destruction you’ve inflicted trying to meet the previous requirements, so you shouldn’t be grinding for long.

Once you have 600,000 G-Cells, simply select Eva-01 in the store and buy it.

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