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How to get Mecha Godzilla in Roblox Kaiju Universe

A mechanical marvel.
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Image via Prometeo Games

Kaiju Universe is the ultimate Kaiju experience on Roblox. From dozens of Kaijus, you can choose your favourite and stomp all over different settings, wrecking havoc. You can also fight other Kaijus in battle. Out of all the Kaijus, however, there is scarcely one as iconic as the Mecha Godzilla. Here is how to unlock and play as the mighty metal beast, Mechagodzilla, in Kaiju Universe.

How to get Mechagodzilla 2021 in Kaiju Universe

If you want Mechagodzilla 2021 in Kaiju Universe, then you’ll need to do some serious grinding. This Kaiju won’t come easily, you’ll need to destroy a lot of Kaijus and cities to get this one! Follow these instructions to get Mechagodzilla in Kaiju Universe.

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Have a Level 50 Kong 2021

Before you can go buying Mechagodzilla 2021, there are a couple requirements that you need to fulfil first. One of these is simply having a Level 50 Kong 2021 in your collection. You will need to acquire Kong 2021 and then lay waste to cities and Kaijus to level him up to Level 50.

Don’t worry, upon purchase of Mechagodzilla 2021, you will still keep your Level 50 Kong 2021. You just need to have done this.

Have a Level 50 Godzilla 2021

Similarly to the instruction above, you’ll need to have a Level 50 Godzilla 2021 in your collection as well. You will need to buy this Kaiju and then destroy enough things to level it up to Level 50. Again, don’t worry about losing this Kaiju upon purchase of Mechagodzilla 2021; it won’t be going anywhere.

Spend 350,000 G-Cells

Once you have Level 50 Kong 2021 and Godzilla 2021, you can then think about buying Mechagodzilla 2021. The final step is quite pricey, however, as the beast costs 350,000 G-Cells. Hopefully, you would have gathered quite the treasure of G-Cells in your rampages as Kong 2021 and Godzilla 2021, so you shouldn’t have too far to go.

mechagodzilla in kaiju universe
Image via Prometeo Games

When all of the red squares are green, click ‘purchase’ to finally buy Mechagodzilla 2021. Enjoy!

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