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How to get Shin Godzilla in Roblox Kaiju Universe

Who wouldn't want this absolute beast?
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In Roblox Kaiju Universe, you can stomp around five locations and lay waste to towns or battle other Kaijus in immortal combat. With a huge variety of Kaijus to select from, you can pick your favourite Kaiju. Many people’s favourite, however turns out to be Shin Godzilla, also known as Kamakura-san, is the fourth form of Godzilla that easily lay waste to modern day Tokyo. Here is how to get Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe.

How to get Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe

To purchase Shin Godzilla, you’ll need two perquisites ready, and a bunch of G-Cells to spend. Once you have everything in order, Shin Godzilla is as good as yours.

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Have a Level 30 Shinagawa-kun

Firstly, you’ll need the Shinagawa-kun Kaiju purchased and level 30. Thankfully, this Kaiju is really cheap and will be easy to acquire and level up. Don’t worry, when you buy Shin Godzilla, you won’t sacrifice this Kaiju, you just need it leveled up to 30. Simply go around stomping and fighting to level up your Kaiju.

Have a Level 30 Kamata-kun

Alongside needing a Level 30 Shinagawa-kun, you’ll need a Level 30 Kamata-kun. Thankfully, this Kaiju is free and you can begin playing with it immediately. Once again, this Kaiju will not get sacrificed upon the purchase of Shin Godzilla.

Spend 25000 G-Cells

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Image via Promoteo Games

Once you have Shinagawa-kun and Kamata-kun at Level 30, you will simply need a spare 25000 G-Cells. When you have that, simply click on Shin Godzilla and click ‘purchase’. You will lose your 25000 G-Cells, but you will keep your Kaijus and Shin Godzilla will be unlocked and ready to play!


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