How to Get Deadpool in Fortnite

Fortnite has been doing pop-culture crossovers for a while now, and Epic Games’ latest crossover is Deadpool. Unlocking Deadpool will take some time and effort, and it’s not something you can easily unlock with V-Bucks.

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How to Get Deadpool in Fortnite

You will have to complete several challenges, and only the first couple are available at the moment. Challenges can be found in Deadpool’s secret lair which is accessible through a spinning vent on the right side of the Battle Pass screen.

When you’re inside hop on the computer towards the right side of the screen to check out this week’s challenges. We listed the challenges below for your convenience and will do our best to update it regularly when new challenges become available.

Deadpool Challenges – Week 1

The first challenge is to find Deadpool’s Letter to Epic Games. Sift through the trash on the floor in the computer room where you can view the challenges. You will find a letter with Deadpool’s mark on it which you will need to click on and read.

Next, all you need to do is drop into a match without thanking the bus driver. This is an easy challenge and as tempting as it may sound to thank the bus driver, you will have to pass on it just this once to complete the challenge. The challenge is completed the moment you jump out of the Battle Bus without saying thanks.

Deadpool Challenges – Week 2

Currently unavailable, check back when week 2 is released.

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