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How to get Chrollo in All Star Tower Defense

How to get Chrollo in All Star Tower Defense

There are hundreds of units in All Star Tower Defense, but some are obviously way better and much more sought after than others. Many players and Hunter x Hunter fans are wondering how to get Chrollo (Spider Boss) in All Star Tower Defense. The unit was added alongside the new sacrifice area during a September update, but there are no instructions on how to obtain him. Luckily, several players have already been lucky enough to find him, so we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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How to get Chrollo in All Star Tower Defense

Chrollo is only obtainable through Sacrificial summons, which can be done by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Sacrifice Area
  2. Stand near the Sacrificial Portal
  3. Sacrifice 5-star units

First, you’ll need to visit the new Sacrifice area in All Star Tower Defense. We have an entire guide explaining how to sacrifice units in ASTD, so you can check that out if you’re confused. In short, you’ll need to head to the summoning area and look for the beam of light.

Once you’re in the Sacrifice area, pay attention to your inventory icon. It will partially turn black, which means you’re standing in the correct area. When you’re in the proper location, open your inventory and select any 5-star units to sacrifice. You cannot use trial units, story mode units, or other exclusive units to sacrifice. Click on the unit you want, and then click on the big red Sacrifice button.

You will be randomly given an exclusive unit, some of which can only be obtained through sacrificing units. The ultimate unit to obtain through a sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense is Chrollo.

The units you receive are completely random, so there’s a chance you can get Mega Rares, Ultra Rares, or less rare units. Chrollo is definitely one of the more rare units, so plan to sacrifice a lot of units if you’re looking to get him on your squad.

Now you know how to get Chrollo in All Star Tower Defense, so it’s time to start farming those units!

Chrollo Stats in ASTD

Chrollo is a Ground-type AoE unit, with the following stats at level 80:

Upgrade LevelCostDamageRangeSPADPS
Base500268.5 (+1,074 bleed)32833.6
1750626.5 (+2,506 bleed)32878.3
21,4501,521.5 (+6,086 bleed)328190.2
32,1052,864 (+11,456 bleed)328358
42,5004,206.5 (+16,826 bleed)328525.8
52,5005,996.5 (+23,986 bleed)328749.6
62,7507,786.5 (+31,146 bleed)328973.3

At max level, Chrollo gets Sun and Moon manual ability, which turns him into a pseudo-spawner/summoner unit. The ability essentially creates copies of units in an area. At the time of writing, the HP cap on copied units is 100,000. The bleed damage is also significant at higher levels, which makes him a solid unit.

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