How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense

How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense’s Shattered Skies update on September 2, 2021, introduces the ability to Sacrifice units. It is not immediately clear how to do this, so if you’re a new player or find yourself a bit lost, we’ll walk you through the process. Learn how to sacrifice units in ASTD down below.

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“A Mysterious Entity has awakened near the Summoning Gate! Sacrifice Units to the Sky in return for Enlightened Rewards. Greater sacrifices yield better possible rewards.”

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How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense

To sacrifice units in All Star Tower Defense:

  1. Go to the summoning area and look for the purple beam of light.
  2. Walk into the beam to teleport to the sacrifice portal area.
  3. Go to the sacrifice portal, and open your inventory while standing next to it.
  4. Click on any unit you want to sacrifice, and then click on the red sacrifice button. 

The units you sacrifice will be lost forever unless the skies decline your offering. You will need to confirm your sacrifice by tapping on the confirm button. The realm will sometimes not accept your sacrifice, and in that case, you will not receive any additional units.

If you are having trouble or your sacrifice is not working, you can re-enter the area. Make sure to stand between the four altars to make the sacrifice. It seems to be random whether or not the Realm will accept your sacrifice. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t, even when using sacrificing the same unit.

You will most likely need to sacrifice five-star units to get anything worthwhile. It is possible to receive decent units by sacrificing four-star units, as well. It’s a good way for players to eliminate some of their duplicates and roll them for other units.

What units can you get through Sacrificing?

These are the units you can get through sacrificing in ASTD:

  • Alternative Tatsu
  • Fancy Ruwabara
  • Gen (Ant Uniform)
  • General Hawks
  • Lust
  • Mad Bully Sonku
  • Spider Boss (Chrollo)
  • Wild West Zorro
  • Wood Master
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