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How to Get Bus Glove in Slap Battles?

Watch out for the bus!
Image by Tencelll/Roblox

Bus is a very useful but also dangerous ability in Slap Battles, which can knock out all of the players who get in the way. But before you can obtain a bus, you will need a badge. Here’s the complete guide on how to do just that.

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How to UNlock Bus Glove in Slap Battles?

The bus is a special Glove that was added to the game subsequently. In order to obtain it, you will need a To the Moon badge, which looks like a yellow glove with black straps all over it. To collect the badge, equip Space and find someone who already owns a bus. And here’s the tricky part:

  • Stand in the way so the bus will hit you;
  • When you get hit, instantly use the ability;
  • If your timing of the ability use is right, you’ll be granted a To the Moon badge.

The ability of the bus Glove is called a “Traffic accident.” It will summon the bus and literally knock out anyone standing in its way. The main target of the bus will usually be the player standing closest to the user with that ability. If you’re the user with the ability, be aware that the bus will hit you if you’re standing too close.

Ups and Downs of Bus Glove Slap Battles

Although the bus ability can be useful for some tasks, it is also a very dangerous asset and can kill a lot of users because it has a huge knockback. Here are all the pros and cons of the bus’s ability:


  • You are safe from Reverse and Elude;
  • Clears whole groups of other players;
  • Increases the kill counts;
  • Hits all the users on its way, even if they are on the high ground;
  • Powerful knockback.


  • It’s not effective against all Gloves, like Space, Wormhole, Dream…;
  • Easily dodged by players who spot the bus on time;
  • Relatively short range of effect;
  • Possible friendly fire;
  • Sometimes, it spawns far away from you.

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