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How to get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife

How to get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife

In the game of BitLife, you can attain different ribbons by living your life a certain way. Each ribbon has a set of requirements to meet, and getting one ribbon will make it impossible to get any others. The ribbon displays on your grave and summarizes your life. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife.

How to get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife

  • Be born a female
  • Avoid Famous and Rich ribbons
  • Be married without kids
  • Get every kind of plastic surgery, except gender reassignment

The steps for getting a Barbie Girl Ribbon are pretty simple. Let’s take an in-depth look at how you can achieve this ribbon step-by-step.

Be born a female

Barbie Girl Ribbon is exclusive to females, which means you must be born and die a female. At birth, choose the female option. Nothing else, in particular, needs to be chosen so don’t worry about that.

Avoid “Famous” and “Rich” Ribbons

Next, you want to avoid “Famous” and “Rich” ribbons. You want to get a regular paying job and do your best to avoid any career that can make you famous. Don’t become an actor, singer, or anything like that.

If you end up getting either of the other ribbons, that makes it impossible to get Barbie Girl. You can graduate from high school and cap out your education there. There’s no need to go to college.

Avoid the Wicked ribbon

Make sure you don’t sleep around because you can end up getting the Wicked ribbon if you do. Find yourself one man to marry and don’t have any kids with them.

Get Plastic Surgery

Here’s the important part. Get every type of plastic surgery except of course gender reassignment surgery. You need to also die as a female so doing this will end up giving you a different ribbon. To get plastic surgery, you will need to save up some money and get things like botox, butt lifts, and tummy tucks. Head into Activities and choose Plastic Surgery to get started.

Finally, you want to die in a reasonable amount of time so you don’t end up triggering any different ribbons. You can pick a sketchy doctor to get your plastic surgeries at and they might just kill you early and earn you that Barbie Girl ribbon.

I hope this guide helped you learn how to get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife. For other fun things to do in BitLife, check out our Tiger King Challenge guide.

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