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How to Get All Endings in NieR Replicant

How to Get All Endings in NieR Replicant

When you say a game has multiple endings, you usually think something like Fallout where your ending is determined by your character alignment and your relationships with various factions. Yoko Taro, however, doesn’t do “usually.” The endings to Yoko Taro’s games like NieR Replicant are often either one-off jokes, random tangents, or incorrect conclusions. Heck, the fifth ending of the original Drakengard directly leads into the story of NieR Replicant. But unlike those other games, this isn’t a one and done; if you want the whole picture, you need all the endings. Here’s how to get all of the endings in NieR Replicant.

How to Get All Endings in NieR Replicant

There are four primary “endings” in NieR Replicant, plus a new ending specifically for the remake that we’ll be covering in a separate guide. Most of these endings flow into each other in sequence, though there is a binary choice between the back two. But let’s start simple here.

Ending A

Ending A is the first ending of the game. All you gotta do is play the story to completion, and there you go. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re missing plot details, we’re gonna fix that.

Ending B

When you reload your save file after getting Ending A, the story will rewind to a little bit after the game’s second act begins. You’ll have to do a few parts of the story over, though this time around there will be some extra dialogue snippets to give you more context on the story. Regardless, just beat the last boss again, and there’s Ending B.

Ending C

Here’s where things get a little tricky. In order to gain access to either Ending C or Ending D, you’ll need to have obtained every single weapon in the game. Many of these you’ll be given during major story beats, while others have to be discovered or purchased from blacksmiths. Don’t worry if you missed one in the front half the story, you can always go back for them later. You will, however, need to clear the extra 15 Nightmares content, which is unlocked after you start on the Ending B route, to get the last few weapons. After you beat the final boss again, you’ll be confronted with a choice, whether to Kill an important character or Spare them. To get Ending C, you’ll have to kill them. Make sure you do this one first.

Ending D

Ending D has the same lead-up as Ending C; the only difference is when you get your big choice, you need to choose to Spare the character. Now, this is important: for plot reasons, should you make this choice, all of your save data will be erased. All of it, all three save slots. Poof, gonezo. Your data will be wiped completely, and your only option will be to start a new game from scratch. In the original NieR, that was the end of it, but in the remake, there is a way to get it back. To learn that, though, you’ll need to read our guide on how to get the new ending.

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