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How to Get All Endings in Fate Samurai Remnant?

Don't leave your ending up to fate!
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Fate Samurai Remnant, a visual novel-style game with a captivating story and multiple possible endings, offers players the opportunity to shape their character’s fate through their choices and decisions. With its intricate narrative and branching paths, unlocking all of the game’s endings can be both a challenging and rewarding experience.

Whether you’re a completionist or simply want to explore all of the game’s possible outcomes, this guide will help you make the most of your journey in Fate Samurai Remnant. Read on to find out how to get all possible endings in Fate Samurai Remnant!

How to Get All Endings in Fate Samurai Remnant?

There are 3 main endings in Fate Samurai Remnant, not including one additional “joke” ending that the developers threw in last minute for fun. Added up, the total number of possible endings in Samurai Remnant is 4.

In Fate Samurai Remnant, the choices you make during the game will significantly impact the ending you receive. Some decisions may seem trivial, while others could be critical in determining your character’s ultimate fate.

None of the game’s 4 endings actually have any names, so they will be defined in this guide by the titles of the final chapters that precede them.

Here is how you can unlock all of the 4 possible endings in Fate Samurai Remnant:

Flames of Resentment Ending

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The Flames of Resentment ending can be obtained during your first playthrough of the game, making it one of the easier endings to unlock. In order to get this ending, you’ll need to secure “Flames of Resentment” as your final chapter in the game.

To do this, all you have to do is choose the “Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro” option near the end of Chapter 4 rather than the “Pursue Assassin” option. By making this choice, your ending will have been decided!

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A Ray of Light Ending

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Similar to the Flames of Resentment ending, the A Ray of Light ending can be unlocked in the first playthrough. Thankfully, it’s also just as easy to obtain as the Flames of Resentment ending, if not more so.

All you need to do to unlock the A Ray of Light ending is choose the “Pursue Assassin” option at the end of Chapter 4 rather than the “Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro” option. Obviously, doing this will not only grant players an alternate ending, but it will also provide them with an alternate final boss fight as well.

Entreat the Darkness Ending

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The Entreat the Darkness ending is widely considered to be one of the most difficult endings in Fate Samurai Remnant to unlock and for good reason. For starters, you won’t be able to get this ending on your first playthrough; this ending is only available to players with New Game Plus activated. This means you’ll have to have already beaten the game and replayed it before you can even begin trying to get the Entreat the Darkness ending.

Once you’ve acquired New Game Plus and are on your second playthrough, you can go ahead and play through the game like normal. Once you get to the “Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro” and “Pursue Assassin” options, you can choose to pick either of them, as it won’t guarantee the ending you get like in your first playthrough (though you’ll likely want to choose whichever option you didn’t choose the first time around, so that you can get the full experience).

After the duel between Musashi and Lori, a new choice will appear to players that have New Game Plus activated: “Destroy It” and “Don’t Destroy It.” Choosing the “Don’t Destroy It” option will allow you to unlock the “Entreat the Darkness” ending.

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Joke Ending

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As you may have already guessed, the joke ending isn’t pertinent to your Fate Samurai Remnant experience. However, it’s still worth playing through if you happen to have the time (or are just a hardcore completionist).

If you want to get the Joke ending in Fate Samurai Remnant, all you have to do is follow the Boss’s Digression questline. Along the quest line, he’ll eventually ask Saber and Lori if they’d like to become his Vassals.

There will be a number of consecutive opportunities where you’ll be able to accept or deny his request, but in order to get the Joke ending, you’ll have to consistently accept his offer every time. Once you’ve proven yourself to be properly dedicated to the cause, you’ll become one of the Boss’s Vassals, and you’ll have unlocked the Joke ending in Fate Samurai Remnant.

Fate Samurai Remnant offers a rich and immersive storytelling experience with multiple endings, providing players with an opportunity to shape their character’s destiny. If you love playing games that offer multiple endings, then you should definitely check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, and Killer Frequency!

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