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How to Get All Badges in Roblox Flowers For My Moon

Yes, it is spelled in lowercase.
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The amount of games and genres that have been developed and explored by Roblox developers can only be measured by using our imagination. I mean, every day I get to experience a new game, more random than the one before, and now I’ve found one that is deeper than several I have previously seen. This is Flowers For My Moon, a game that positions you in Ward 42. You will find eight doors that will guide you to 8 different patients you need to attend. The game will leave on your own, in order for you to do whatever feels necessary to complete each case. If you need some sort of help, here are all badges in Roblox Flowers For My Moon.

All Badges in Roblox Flowers For My Moon

There are a total of 12 badges in flowers for my moon. You will naturally get these by completing each level, but there are some that will require you to do something special during each of the game’s quests, that is, the eight patients we will be able to see. Here are all badges in Roblox Flowers For My Moon.

Flowers For My Moon Badges

BadgeHow to Get

Enter Ward 42 for the first time. rest

visiting hours
Pull the plug on ABANDON, or just leave the experience and rejoin.

Complete HEIGHTS.

In VOID, get away as far as you can from the spawn point and fall to the water. You will arrive at a new instance and get the badge.

locked memories
In PREY, find a glass container with a blue object inside in the ravine. Click on it.

the prisoner
Complete GRIEVE.

memoria, pt. 2
In LOST, find the secret door and enter it.

Complete LOST.

purgatory chains
Complete PREY.

the graduate
Do not kill any players on creatures in PREY. Find a secret door in the ravine and enter it.

protagonist syndrome
Complete SUMMER.

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And that’s all, folks! These are all the badges in Flowers For My Moon. I hope this will help you travel through the game as well, since it is very cryptic and secretive. And that is what I want from Roblox games, those that will push the boundaries and will make you invested in the story.

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