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How to Get All Achievements in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Achieve the unachievable!
Jasmine, Fortuna, and Dahlia in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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The world of gaming has evolved significantly over the years, providing players with diverse experiences that transcend traditional gameplay. One such innovative title is The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, a captivating game that combines intricate storytelling, philosophical discussions, thought-provoking narratives, and a hefty dose of magic.

As with many adventure games on PC, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood allows players to acquire achievements by completing certain in-game tasks. If you’re trying to complete all of this game’s achievements but aren’t having much luck, then just keep on reading! This is a comprehensive guide on how to get all of the available achievements in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood.

How to Get All Achievements in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

There are 28 total achievements available to players in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, which is a relatively average amount considering the size of the game. Getting every last achievement in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood isn’t nearly as difficult as it is in other games, but it’s still a tall order to fill.

To uncover all of the achievements, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the unfolding storyline. Engaging with the characters, exploring their motivations, and seeking out hidden clues might provide insights into achievement triggers.

Simply put, taking risks, making conversation, and completing challenges are the best ways to get achievements in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, just like in any other game. If you’re still stumped on how to catch em’ all, however, then just refer to this list for assistance:

  • Crafting a Card – Make your first card.
  • Summoning – Complete Ábramar’s ceremony.
  • Making of a Witch – Reach Chapter II.
  • Building a Deck – Have 7 cards on your deck.
  • Sisterhood – Reach Chapter III.
  • The Pithcloth – Acquire the Pithcloth symbol.
  • Succession – Reach Chapter IV.
  • The Coppersmith – Acquire The Coppersmith’s arcanum.
  • Partners in the Forbidden – Free Grethe from her Behemoth.
  • The Penitent One – Acquire the Penitent One arcanum.
  • The Cosmic Wheel – Summon the Cosmic Wheel for your deck.
  • An Inquiry Into Values – Reach Chapter V.
  • Gaethëryan – Acquire Gaethëryan’s arcanum.
  • Pandemonium – Reach Chapter VI.
The Peppermancer in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
Screenshot via Deconstructeam
  • Master of the Elements – Acquire Yu-ënia’s Studio sphere
  • Entropy – Dispel a card.
  • Providence – Reach Chapter VII.
  • Vegan Friendly – Bake a vegan pizza.
  • Thank You for Playing! – See the end credits.
  • The Favorite – Your team is ahead by the end of the political campaign.
  • Congratulations Are in Order – Win the elections.
  • All Witches are Beautiful – Meet every Witch.
  • Information is Power – Read all the demographics analysis.
  • Escape Reality – Read all the interactive fiction.
  • Bookworm – Read all the magic treaties.
  • Utopia – Create your own ending.
  • Major Arcana – Have 22 cards on your deck.

This list of achievements may seem expansive, but many of them can be completed simply by playing through the game as normal, like Pandemonium or Providence.

For the most part, as long as you make the most out of your playthrough and explore everything the game has to offer, you shouldn’t have to worry about not obtaining all of the achievements in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood!

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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood offers a captivating blend of narrative-driven exploration and philosophical dialogue that can lead to a fulfilling gaming experience. Unlocking all of the achievements requires a combination of careful observation, critical thinking, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

Remember to savor the magical journey, engage with the game’s intricacies, and celebrate each achievement unlocked along the way! As you navigate the cosmic universe of the Sisterhood, let your curiosity and determination guide you toward mastering the game’s challenges and uncovering its hidden treasures.

If you’re ever stumped on anything else regarding The Cosmic Wheel, go ahead and check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood for some complementary assistance!

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