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How to Get All Achievements in Potion Craft

The Completionist's Burden is a Heavy One Indeed ...

The completionist’s burden is a difficult one to bear. It requires that we play games for a lot longer than everyone else does. In fact, sometimes we can grow to resent some games by the end of this process. But it’s all worth it when we can gaze lovingly into the illustrious shine of the platinum trophy or achievement.

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Potion Craft is certainly no exception, friends. If you want to fully complete this alchemy simulator, you will need to devote upwards of thirty hours to this quest. It’s a game with 29 achievements, which isn’t an unbearable amount, but as you may know, it’s not about the quantity of achievements, but the quality. So, let’s take a look at the tasks you’ll be expected to complete in this completionist’s quest.

How to Get All Achievements in Potion Craft

So, it should be said that a large portion of achievements in Potion Craft revolve around The Alchemist’s Path. For those not in the know, The Alchemist’s Path is an in-game list of tier-based challenges. As you complete each of the ten — as of writing — chapters, you’ll earn an achievement. Other achievements deal with in-game reputation and creations.

  1. PURE EVIL — Reach the minimum reputation level.
  2. GOOD-NATURED — Reach the maximum reputation level.
  3. LEGENDARY ALCHEMIST — Reach a popularity level of 15.
  4. SLIPPERY BUSINESS — Buy potion base: Oil.
  5. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER I — Complete Chapter I of the Alchemist’s Path.
  6. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER II — Complete Chapter II of the Alchemist’s Path.
  7. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER III — Complete Chapter III of the Alchemist’s Path.
  8. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER IV — Complete Chapter IV of the Alchemist’s Path.
  9. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER V — Complete Chapter V of the Alchemist’s Path.
  10. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER VI — Complete Chapter VI of the Alchemist’s Path.
  11. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER VII — Complete Chapter VII of the Alchemist’s Path.
  12. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER VIII — Complete Chapter VIII of the Alchemist’s Path.
  13. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER IX — Complete Chapter IX of the Alchemist’s Path.
  14. ALCHEMIST’S PATH: CHAPTER X — Complete Chapter X of the Alchemist’s Path.
  15. NIGREDO — Create Nigredo.
  16. ALBEDO — Create Albedo.
  17. CITRINITAS — Create Citrinitas.
  18. RUBEDO — Create Rubedo.
  19. MAGNUM OPUS — Create the Philosopher’s Stone.
  20. VOID SALT — Create Void Salt.
  21. MOON SALT — Create Moon Salt.
  22. SUN SALT — Create Sun Salt.
  23. LIFE SALT — Create Life Salt.
  24. PHILOSOPHER’S SALT — Create Philosopher’s Salt.
  25. BREAKING BAD — Repair the Alchemy Machine.
  26. WE REQUIRE MORE VESSELS — Buy an Alchemy Machine Upgrade.
  27. NOW WE’RE COOKING — Fully Upgrade the Alchemy Machine.
  28. I NEED ONLY YOUR STRONGEST POTIONS! — Create a Tier 3 Potion.
  29. OH, IT’S ALL STICKY… — Create an Unknown Substance.

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