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Can You Date Abramar in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a visually stunning and thought-provoking game that transports players to a world of magic, intrigue, and thirst. Players take on the role of Fortuna, a powerful witch who summons a forbidden entity to escape her life in exile. There are numerous witches living among Fortuna who would gladly take her hand in unholy matrimony, but there are many players who have their eyes set on only one character: Abramar.

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Abramar is a Behemoth, a forbidden entity with unrivaled power. He offers Fortuna the chance to escape exile for a price, though the price unfortunately does not include her heart. Despite this, there may still be hope for Abramar lovers out there. Keep reading to find out if you can date Abramar in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood!

Can You Date Abramar in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

Abramar is the forbidden Behemoth that Fortuna summons in order to regain her freedom at the beginning of the game. He’s a giant, demonic creature that sort of looks like a cross between a shrimp, a lobster, a demon, and a worm, so of course we want to date him. After all, why settle for witches when you can have a whole Behemoth?

I know that I’m not the only one frothing at the mouth for this sexy space worm, but unfortunately, it appears as though Abramar is not among the dateable NPCs in this game. I, along with every other witchy weirdo playing this game, am incomprehensibly devastated by this revelation. I may never recover.

And as if it weren’t bad enough, the game really likes to rub your nose in it by giving Abramar scandalously flirtatious dialogue, and will even allude to his past relationship with a witch named Gloria. So not only do the developers tease us with Abramar’s borderline-dirty-talk dialogue, but they also reveal that he’s more than capable of loving a witch romantically and has done it before.

I hate it here.

Abramar Being Scandalous in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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I know that many of you are likely just as heartbroken over this revelation as I am, but don’t lose hope just yet! This game is still in its early stages, meaning he could always be added to the roster of romanceable NPCs in the future.

Furthermore, I, along with numerous other Abramar thirsters, will be working tirelessly to try and figure out a way to worm myself into this demon worm’s heart. If I’m successful (highly unlikely but you never know), then this guide will be updated immediately and all of us monster f*ckers can finally rejoice.

Good luck out there, Abramar fans; keep fighting the good fight.

Why Abramar Might Not Make a Good Love Interest

I know, I know, you literally just read like 5 paragraphs of me doing nothing but drooling over this dude, but hear me out.

There are a lot of people who don’t actually want to get all up in Abramar’s bodacious business (surprising, I know), and people like us (me) are, frankly, in the minority. There are more than a few reasons why Abramar might not make a good love interest, despite the public’s very thirsty opinions of him.

The first red flag that we run into is, of course, the fact that he’s an incomprehensibly ancient deity that can meddle with time itself, and you’re a 5-foot-tall witch. I’m not even going to begin getting into the physicality of that situation, but the age difference alone is enough cause for concern.

Furthermore, he’s obviously still hung up on his first love, Gloria. Gloria was the very first witch who ever ascended, and she got lucky enough to get down on some Abramar action before Fortuna was even born. However, Gloria decided to move on to greener pastures (insane) and leave Abramar high and dry; despite this, however, he’s obviously very much still in love with her.

Finally, we come to the heart of all the issues: the pact. At the beginning of the game, you have to forge a demonic pact with Abramar to receive his power and regain your freedom. So not only does that sort of make you business partners (?), but it also means that no matter what, Abramar will be forced to make you sacrifice the thing that you hold most dear. Not a great foundation to build a relationship on.

Fortuna Telling Abramar She Loves Him in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
Screenshot via Deconstructeam

In the end, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a game about sacrifice, and Abramar is a symbol of that sacrifice. He is a reminder that sometimes, the things we want most in life come at a hellish price. And in this case, the price is simply too high.

Regardless, Abramar is arguably one of the most complex and interesting characters in the game, and I still believe that he would make an interesting love interest. After all, red flags have rarely stopped developers before, so why start now with Abramar’s love life?

For now though, keep dreaming, Abramar lovers, and be sure to check back on updates regarding Abramar’s candidacy as a love interest!

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If you’re looking for a dating sim game with a satisfying romance plot, then The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood probably isn’t the game for you. However, if you are looking for a game that will make you think about mortality, moral ambiguity, philosophy, and the true cost of freedom, then The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is definitely worth playing!

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