How to Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times

How to Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times

Mario Kart Tour’s latest Halloween Tour is available to play, and so are several new Tour Challenges. The new Tour Challenges card include one challenge requiring you to get a Fantastic combo a total of 5 times. We’re going to explain how that can easily be accomplished.

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How to Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times

You might want to go with a lower difficulty to pull off this challenge. It will be a lot less frustrating than going into 200cc and having the enemies interrupting your combos. We recommend going into 100cc or 150cc, and picking the driver you are most comfortable with.

Slower drivers might be best here, because we are aiming for combos which means getting every coin and hitting every ramp we see to prolong the combo chain. Drivers with good special abilities are also a plus. Someone like Yoshi or Bowser can get long combos due to their specials.

As a reminder, here’s what can help build up your combos:

  • Collecting Coins
  • Drifting or Mini Boosting
  • Jump Boosting
  • Gliding
  • Collecting Items
  • Special Abilities
  • Hitting Enemies with Items

You have to keep performing actions within about 3 seconds of each other to keep the combo alive. A Fantastic Combo means you need to chain together more than 9 moves in a row. This may be no big challenge for you, in which case you can just complete this challenge by playing the game normally.

For everyone else, we hope these tips help you learn how to get a Fantastic Combo a total of 5 times.

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