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How to Gain and Lose Faction Reputation in No Man’s Sky

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Every single thing you do will have a repercussion. Maybe you woke up late and missed your early meeting. Perhaps you postponed a trip to focus on your career. Or maybe, you are a space traveler trying to gain reputation with all the intelligent life across the galaxy. Well, if you happen to be one of those, you are in luck! Here is how to gain and lose Faction Reputation in No Man’s Sky.

How to Gain and Lose Faction Reputation

Factions, or Races, are the sentient species that you can find across the universe of No Man’s Sky. Currently, there are five factions which are the Korvax, the Gek, the Vy’keen, the Travelers, and the Anomalies. The Sentinels are not considered a faction, but they are the main police force across the stars. You can only have reputation with the Korvax, the Gek and the Vy’keen. The Sentinels, the Travellers, and the Anomalies won’t grant or take away any reputation.

To gain faction reputation, there are several things you can do. The most basic way is to complete missions given at the Mission Board of the faction’s systems. You can also complete any problems that can be found at Waypoints (Plaques, Monoliths, Ruins, etc.). Giving race-specific gifts to faction members will also grant reputation. You can also gain reputation by dealing with pirates, either by killing them in faction territories or rescuing any freighters from them. Finally, you can collect Research Specimens in buildings.

If you wish to lose reputation, or want to know what actions to avoid, there are actually more things that will have this effect with the different factions. Attacking trader ships, freighters, or space stations of a certain faction will impact negatively on your reputation. You can lose reputation by failing to fix problems at Waypoints. Refusing to accept gifts will also make you lose reputation (why would you not accept gifts?). Furthermore, being rude to faction members by speaking aggressive words can also affect your reputation. Finally, you can even take a multi-tool from a Vy’keen NPC and you lose reputation.

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Well, people are a little sensitive in space, after all. Well, anyway, basically be a good guy and you will gain reputation. Be the opposite of a good guy, and you will lose your reputation rapidly. Be sure to calculate and strategize your actions in order to become a valued member of the different factions in No Man’s Sky. Good luck and don’t attack space stations unless you want a Space Wanted level of 4.

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