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How to Free Brick in The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Free Brick in The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077

Many quests in Cyberpunk 2077 have optional side quests, which can sometimes prove quite challenging to complete. During the main story quest called The Pickup, you’ll see an optional challenge to free Brick. You’ll have to find out where he is and then figure out how to free him. Figuring out the code can be confusing unless you know exactly where to look. Here’s how to free Brick in The Pickup quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Brick is someone Jackie recognizes and a former leader of the Maelstrom gang. The decision is up to you whether you not to free him, but why wouldn’t you?

How to Free Brick in The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077

Brick has been demoted to cage duty, so you can find him stuck in a cell when you’re trying to escape from All Foods with the robot. You’ll come to an area with a few doors and a room that looks like a lab. If you walk close enough to one of the locked doors, Brick will start yelling for you to get him out.

The problem is that the room is sealed with a code lock. You can try guessing the four-digit code, but it’s easier to go searching for it. In the room adjacent to Brick’s cage, you can find a laptop briefcase. Open it up and browse through the computer. Navigate to the messages tab, and find the one labeled “only you guys know.”

The message reads: “Brick’s been demoted to cage duty. Code’s 9691. Keep it to yourselves.” Now we know the code to free Brick is 9691. Walk over to the code lock and put it in by aiming your crosshair at the num-pad and using your primary fire button.

Brick is stuck in a chair, with a laser pointed at him that’s linked to a mine. If he moves, it explodes, so you’ll need to hack the device to disable it. After disarming the Laser Mine (Explosive), you can speak with Brick to complete The Pickup’s optional objective. The guy doesn’t even seem all that grateful that you just saved him, so maybe it wasn’t the best decision. Who knows, he might come in handy later in the story.

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