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How to Fix Your Spiderman 2 Redeem Code Not Working?

Just because you have the code doesn't mean you have the game....yet
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For better or for worse, nowadays, pre-ordering a game sets the standard for how good the game will be. If you pre-order, you are giving developers money today for a hamburger tomorrow—an interesting topic of debate over the last few years in the gaming world.

However, taking a look at Spiderman 2, players are experiencing some issues with their pre-orders. More specifically, it seems that some fans who shelled out big bucks aren’t able to pre-download the game even though they have a code for it. This leaves many to ask the question: how do you fix your Spiderman 2 redeem code not working?

When can you Redeem your Code for Spiderman 2?

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Image via Insomniac/Marvel

As part of Spiderman 2’s promotional marketing, PlayStation released a brand new console bundle containing limited edition Spiderman faceplates and a matching controller to go with it. What’s more, the console bundle comes with a ‘copy’ of Spiderman 2. Emphasis on the game aspect, since the console bundle came out before the game was released, players received a code for Spiderman 2 in place of a physical copy. Unfortunately, upon trying to redeem the code, many are complaining of the code not being recognized and not working.

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This entire situation is a bit of miscommunication from PlayStation and a misunderstanding of players’ parts. On the little piece of paper you receive with the digital code for Spiderman 2, it states that players aren’t able to redeem the code until the game actually releases on October 20, 2023.

Questions regarding whether players will still receive the pre-order bonuses, not being able to pre-download the game, and more have left a bit of a sour taste in people’s mouths who spent about $600 on the bundle. Thankfully, players will still get their game and can swing into the great city of New York once again with everyone else when Spiderman 2 launches on October 20, 2023.

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