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How to Fix ‘Save File Deleted’ Bug caused By Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

No One Said Being a Trainer Would Be Easy, But This is Ridiculous!
Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC
Image via Nintendo

If you’re trying to catch ’em all, you might want to hold off on purchasing the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC. It would seem that a small, but growing circle of players are reporting their save files being deleted upon either purchasing the yet-to-be-released DLC or connecting their game to Pokemon GO.

But, a valid question is how these players can recover their deleted data. After all — embarking on a Poke-Quest can take a lot of real world hours, and losing all of that … well, it can be devastating. Read on to learn how one would fix this ‘Save File Deleted’ Bug in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

How to Fix ‘Save File Deleted’ Bug Caused by Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

I hate to do this to you, because you probably aren’t in the mood for bad news, but … you can’t. That is, you can’t as of publication. It would seem that, at the moment of writing, and despite gamers reaching out to Nintendo and/or Game Freak, no fix has been issued yet.

But, if you are a victim of this bug, you can always reach out to Nintendo Support and let them know! Also, if you’d like to participate in the ongoing conversation surrounding this bug, check out this thread on Reddit, where fellow trainers are hoping a breakthrough is discovered. In the meantime … it might be for the best to delay buying the DLC, or linking Scarlet & Violet with GO. At least until this situation has received an acknowledgment from Nintendo.

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