How to Fish in Hades

How to Fish in Hades

You wouldn’t assume you’d be able to do something like catch fish in the underworld of Hades. After all, the underworld is full of dead things and fish, well, aren’t dead. But as it so happens, there are a lot of rough approximations of fish swimming about the realm of the departed, and you can catch them for fun and profit! In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to fish in Hades.

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How to Fish in Hades

Before you can attempt to catch fish, you’ll first need to commission the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor for one Diamond. To make the Rod show up, you’ll need to have visited the Temple of Styx at least once, commissioned a Fountain Chamber in Tartarus, and acquired the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

Once you’ve got your rod, be on the lookout during your runs for small glowing spots in the waters (or lava in Asphodel’s case) that border the rooms. If you don’t see one immediately, then make sure to also listen carefully for a small “ding” sound that plays after you clear a room. That sound is the signal that there’s a fishing spot present, so scope the place out. You can also force a fishing spot to appear by purchasing a Skeletal Lure from a Wall of Charon.

When you’ve got a spot sighted, walk up to it and (assuming you’re using an Xbox One controller) press RB to cast your line. Keep an eye on the bobber, as it’ll usually wiggle a few times to try to fake you out. When the bobber goes underwater with an audible splash, press RB again to reel in your prize. How quickly you press the button after the bobber goes under will determine the rarity of the fish you catch. If you press the button too early or too late, the fish will get away and you’ll lose your chance.

Fishing Rewards

After you finish a run, either through beating Hades or dying, you can bring any fish you’ve caught to the Lounge chef and trade them for goodies. Where you caught the fish and its rarity will determine which reward you get. Here are the fish you can catch and their rewards:


  • Hellfish: 5 Gems
  • Knucklehead: 20 Gems
  • Scyllascion: 30 Gems


  • Slavug: 1 Chthonic Key
  • Chrustacean: 3 Chthonic Keys
  • Flameater: 5 Chthonic Keys


  • Chlam: 1 Nectar
  • Charp: 2 Nectars
  • Seamare: 3 Nectars

Temple of Styx

  • Gupp: 20 Gems
  • Scuffer: 40 Gems
  • Stonewhal: 150 Gems

Chaos’ Realm

  • Mati: 100 Darkness
  • Projelly: 250 Darkness
  • Voidskate: 500 Darkness


  • Trout: 1 Diamond
  • Bass: 1 Ambrosia
  • Sturgeon: 1 Titan Blood
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