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How to Find the Purifying Crystal in Resident Evil Shadows of Rose

Rose needs to find a crystal. Wanna help?
Rose Holds a Crystal
Image via Capcom

The time has come for many Resident Evil fans as the latest installment, Resident Evil: Village has received its highly anticipated Winters’ Expansion, including a third-person mode for the main storyline, as well as new Mercenaries Orders and of course, the Shadows of Rose storyline, in which players can play as Ethan Winters’ daughter Rose.

And if you’re a player who’s already begun jumping into this new story, you’re well aware that there are a few things the game tasks you to find right out of the gate. So, today we’re going to help you in those early steps so that you can figure out how to find the Purifying Crystal in Resident Evil Shadows of Rose in order to get the story rolling.

How to Find the Purifying Crystal in Resident Evil Shadow of Rose

The first moments of the Shadows of Rose story are pretty much a walking sim until you reach a door with a woman speaking to you. She tasks you with finding a key and returning with it in order to free her from her cell. What you’ll need to do is head down the stairs and follow the corridors to a new larger room.

Once there, move around the boxes, and follow the hall until you reach a desk with shelving to the right of it. This is where you’ll find the key, sitting on the shelf next to the desk. After the short cinematic that plays, head back through the corridors and back to the woman’s cell and use the key to unlock it.

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After another cinematic, you’ll need to head back to the larger room, where you’ll help the doppelganger Rose carry a body covering a hole. After moving it, follow her into that hole. Continue following her until you reach a dungeon of other Roses.

You’ll need to find the switch handle in order to progress. Head to the immediate left of the switch box to an empty cell and go through the hole on your bottom right-hand side from inside there. Keep crawling through holes and you’ll find a room with the switch handle. Now return it by going through the door.

Once there, you will have to connect the switch to the switch box and then outmaneuver many enemies as the door slowly cranks open. After it opens, follow the corridors as a sparkle leads you where to go. You’ll then enter the castle where you can have your game, and there will be a health kit to pick up.

After exploring the rooms a bit, you’ll trigger a cutscene which will result in you needing to escape the castle. You’ll actually need to go back inside and kill an enemy to progress, but there’s a gun given to you that you can use in order to do so. Head back through the halls and you’ll find the Purified Crystal sitting in a lantern being held by the ornate “The Disciples” statue.

Now you’ve found it! that’s all you need to know about how to find the Purified Crystal in Resident Evil Shadows of Rose! Be sure to check out some of our other great guides as we continue playing!

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