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What Does Ethan Winters Look Like From Resident Evil?

Does Ethan Winters have a face? Find out here.
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Image via Capcom

Ethan Winters is the protagonist in both Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Resident Evil 8: Village. Despite being a fan favorite for years upon years, most people don’t actually know what he looks like.

Both RE7 and Village are first-person games. In other words, there was never an ability to see your own character model.

Ethan’s appearance remained a mystery for years, and it seemed unlikely that we were ever going to get a look at his face. However, a short while into the lifecycle of RE8, supposed images of Ethan Winter’s character model started coming to light.

What Does Ethan Winters Look Like?

Unfortunately, it turns out that all of that was fan work. None of it was official or came from Capcom. So, as it stands, we still don’t actually know what Ethan Winters looks like.

Above is the YouTube video that fooled the world. When this was published, everyone began to hop on it. People genuinely believed that this is what Ethan Winters looked like. To this day, people aren’t aware that this has a hoax, albeit a good one.

So, if you’re wondering what Ethan Winters looks like, this is as close an answer as you’re going to get. The official answer is that we don’t know, and that’s a deliberate choice that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Capcom is releasing a DLC for Resident Evil 8 that comes with a third-person mode. Reportedly, you can’t even see Ethan’s face from that perspective, hammering home the fact that this is a conscious effort on Capcom’s part.

Capcom wanted the stories of RE7 and 8 to be personalized. They wanted the player to feel as though it was them in the world, as is common for a lot of horror games. Personalizing the main character would be counter-intuitive to that effort, hence why Ethan has remained faceless in both games.

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