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How to Find Secret Ancient Cave in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

It's not so secret after all.
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Arcane Odyssey is a tough MMO RPG that will have you building up your character and fighting many bosses. As you take on new quests, you’ll be tasked with a bunch of new activities. One such quest, found on Shell Island, will have you searching around in search of a secret ancient cave. Here’s how to find the Secret Ancient Cave in Arcane Odyssey.

Where to find the Secret Ancient Cave in Arcane Odyssey

In Arcane Odyssey, you’ll be taking on a lot of quests. If you’re on Shell Island, you may have talked to an NPC, Asdza, who tasks you with a quest of finding a secret ancient cave on the island. You’ll be searching far and wide, but may get frustrated in the process. Let this guide relax you and provide you an easy path to the small opening.

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The opening to the cave is small and is on the very fringe of the island. From Asdza’s spawn point, make your way north, and don’t stop until you get the edge of the island. Thankfully, Shell Island is only small, so you’ll find the opening in no time. Upon reaching the edge, pan your camera to look upon the island’s cliff, and zoom out. Circle the island’s edge whilst keeping this view, and you’ll soon come across an entrance in the cliff wall. Jump down and enter.

For the quest to be complete, you must jump upon the first stone pillar when you enter the cave, instead of jumping straight down. This will trigger the quest to be complete, earning you your reward. The quest will not complete until you have done that.

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