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How to Find Ihraz Granite In LOTR Return To Moria?

Are you ready to go down in The Lower Deeps?
Lotr Return to Moria
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Upgrade materials and farming are very important parts of Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria. With different sorts of resources you find around the map, you can upgrade your weapons, and some of the resources can also be used for other things.

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Ihraz Granite: Location and How to Get There

In order to be able to start farming, you will need a resource called Ihraz Granite. This granite can be found in The Lower Deeps. To get down there, you will first have to repair the Crystal Causeway, which is basically a lift that gains access to The Crystal Descent.

You will need Black Diamonds and Natural Fiber for the repair of the Crystal Causeway. Make sure you have in stock 15 Black Diamonds and around 30 Natural Fibers if you want that lift to work properly.

Once you get to The Lower Deeps, start looking for the mining rocks. There should be plenty of them, so just be patient and check your surroundings.

How to Collect Ihraz Granite?

Find an ore – silver or bronze, or whatever you can. Basically, everything around the ore will count as granite. Keep looking around, and you will find a lot of it.

Once you find them, break down the material from which ore is made, and in the process, you will gain high-valued Ihraz Granite and be able to start farming it right away. This will allow you to unlock new Building Recipes and to build a Farm Box or a Farm Patch.

How to Find Black Diamonds?

Black Diamonds are extremely rare in LOTR: Return To Moria. This could prove to be a potential problem, especially in the later stages of playing, since they are required to progress in the game.

Currently, the best way to find Black Diamonds is through Orc leaders in Goblin camps. Those camps have large chests that contain a bunch of precious stones, including the Black Diamonds. Be aware that chests in Goblin camps do not respawn, so if you need more of the precious black stone, you’ll have to explore throughout the map.

Since Black Diamonds have multiple uses in the game, such as upgrading your character’s axe, you will eventually have to look for alternatives in order to find them. One of those alternatives is smaller camps, which sometimes contain chests, but those chests do not always contain Black Diamonds.

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