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How to Find Order Members in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Where are those guys hiding?
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Arcane Odyssey is a detailed and deep MMO RPG where players will embark on many quests and face many foes. As you progress through the story, you’ll eventually come across the quest The Order’s Hideout. In that quest, you must find and hunt down Order Initiates. The only problem is that they’re difficult to find. Here’s how to find Order Initiates in Arcane Odyssey.

How to find Order members in Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey is full of secrets and surprises. Most of the time, they are welcome. But for ‘The Order’s Hideout’ quest, the hidden location of the Order members is a rather frustrating one. The map is very big, and you’re given next to no guidance on how to find them. You’ll want to start your journey on the sky island of Cirrus Island.

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In Cirrus Island, go to the port at the southern end of the island and dock your skyboat, provided you have one by now. All you must do is travel south until you get to Djin Ruins. If you’re having trouble finding Djin Ruins, then know that it is on the exact same horizontal line as Silverhold, and you may have to turn slightly to the right upon leaving Cirrus Island to land there.

Be careful, however, as the Order Initiates will find and attack you as soon as you jump onto the island. They will not be happy with your intrusion! In a large group, you’ll need powerful magical abilities by your side to take them on. Only find them when you are ready for a good fight.

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