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How to find KSI in Wacky Wizards

How to find KSI in Wacky Wizards

KSI is a new addition to Wacky Wizards in the Wacky Wednesday update on August 25, 2021. Alongside this update, the developers also introduced a new spellbook UI to help make things a little nicer looking and organized. Aside from KSI, there wasn’t much else introduced in this patch, but at least there are some new recipes to try out.

If you were part of the Wacky Wizards Live Event, you might recall that KSI sacrificed himself by jumping into the Volcano. It was a noble effort, and this week, players can find his grave somewhere on the map.

How to find KSI in Wacky Wizards

Here is how to find the KSI ingredient in Wacky Wizards:

  1. Make a flying potion
  2. Fly to the Volcano
  3. Find KSI’s tombstone behind the Volcano
  4. Pick up the KSI ingredient

To get the new KSI ingredient in Wacky Wizards, you will need to figure out how to get behind the Volcano. You will need to concoct something that will allow you to fly around the map, and there are a few options. Right behind the peak of the Volcano, you should see KSI’s tombstone, where you can pick up the ingredient.

Make a flying potion

To make a potion that allows you to fly in Wacky Wizards, you can use any of the following recipes:

  • Witches Brew and Fairy
  • Robux and Bird
  • Hat of Gears and Bird
  • Fairy and Fish
  • Giraffe Hood, Spider, and Fish
  • Sleepy Bee

Fly to the Volcano

After you concoct something to make yourself fly, drink it up and start making your way toward the Volcano. Fly toward the peak of the mountain because you’ll need to go behind it.

Find KSI’s tombstone

KSI’s gravesite is at the top backside of the Volcano. You will find the KSI ingredient directly next to the tombstone on the ground.

Pick up the KSI ingredient

Finally, you can pick up the KSI ingredient off the ground and bring it back to your Cauldron to make some exciting new things. Feel free to check out and bookmark our Wacky Wizards potions list if you need any help with the recipes.

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