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How to Find Information About the Martian Sample in Starfield

Tracking down the most tame sample in a galaxy full of mysteries.
Starfield Mars Colony Cydonia
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While some folks believe the main story quest in Starfield is a slow-burn, and they may have a point for the first ten or so hours, the tale genuinely picks up quickly and continues to ramp up in intensity. At one point, however, you’re back to fetch quests.

As part of the Unearthed main quest, you’ll need to track down the Martian Sample in Starfield, and it’s confusing many people. Here’s how to find information on the quest item!

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Finding Information About the Martian Sample

As you progress through the Unearthed story quest, you’ll eventually find yourself rediscovering the remains of NASA on Earth. It’s a barren wasteland now, devoid of life, and what’s left of any structures proves rugged and crumbling. But you must venture inside!

Once you enter NASA, you’ll note the red-illuminated door leading north, which will drop down to an underground cave. Take the leap, then follow the path through the next door until you find a room overflowing with old data and logs from NASA and their history.

As you progress along the path toward another door illuminated by a red sign, look to your immediate right. There is a recording here from Judith that details more information about the Martian Sample in Starfield!

The Unearthed Questline

Unearthed is the 14th quest in the main storyline of Starfield, and it’s an expansive one that guides you across multiple star systems in the search for answers. You’ll begin on Earth’s Moon in Sol and explore groundbreaking themes that open up many doors in the main quest.

In total, there are numerous objectives, alongside tracking down the Martian Sample in Starfield, in Unearthed that see us revisiting humanity’s home planet, including:

  1. Visit the Nova Galactic Research Station
  2. Investigate the Research Station
  3. Locate and Play the Slate Recording on the Roof
  4. Track Down NASA
  5. Enter NASA on Earth
  6. Track Down Information About the Martian Sample
  7. Find Info About the Prototype Grav Drive
  8. Learn About the Grav Drive’s Side Effects
  9. Release the Artifact
  10. Take the Artifact
  11. Leave NASA
  12. Speak With the Emissary
  13. Complete “Final Glimpses”

The mission culminates with a choice to side with the Emissary or the Hunter, or you can choose to shun both and go about your business. And to think, all you needed was information on the Martian Sample in Starfield to continue the journey!

Starfield is a massive game with so much to see and do alongside the main story quest, and you’ll want a helping hand occasionally. Gamer Journalist covers a lot, including How to Build a Farm in Starfield and How to Become a Drug Dealer in Starfield. Follow us on Facebook and get more exciting articles about Starfield and other upcoming games!

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