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How to Get Hero’s Sword in Remnant 2

Becoming the hero you always wanted to be
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A reference to a fan-favorite franchise – The Legend of Zelda, the Hero’s Sword is one that many players will recognise to be Link’s sword, used in his infinite quests of saving Zelda. The Hero’s Sword makes its return and with it comes a quest of its own. See the Hero’s Sword is not one you start out with but it is one that you can obtain over time. The way in which you will need to get it however is not simply by defeating a specific boss or finding a secret fake wall or passageway. The Hero’s Sword quest is one that many will note realise it until you have actually accomplished it yourself. Similar to completely a game without looking at your Trophy List at the start, the achievements come raking in where you cannot help but look at what you did to achieve the rare trophy. This is Vincent’s guide on how to unlock the Hero’s Sword in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Hero’s Sword in Remnant 2

The Hero’s Sword is just one of the many secret weapons you can get in Remnant 2. But unlike many others, you cannot get this by defeating a specific boss in the game or finding a secret area in Remnant’s world. Instead, players must look to defeat the entire Campaign of Remnant 2 but only on Nightmare Mode. Thankfully this is not the hardest difficulty in the game but it is one that many may choose to avoid in their initial playthrough. Those playing a co-op and chill experience will likely want to try Remnant 2 out on Veteran whilst having the difficulty level up as they progress through the game and reach a higher Power and World Level. Due to the World Levelling that exists in the game, your playstyle and power will adapt to the enemies you verse in each biome.

Those wanting to get the Hero’s Sword will have to firstly beat the game including defeating the final boss – Annihilation. You will need to see out the credits of the game so that all criteria has been fulfilled. The Hero’s Sword will become unlockable in this moment where you can go ahead and purchase the sword from Brabus in Ward 13 (the Weapons Merchant). Purchasing this Sword can only be done in the Campaign Reroll (acting as New Game+). The Sword also counts as the Explorer Archetype‘s Starting Weapon which is unlocked by completing Remnant 2 on Nightmare Difficulty also. This is what the Broken Compass, dropped by Annihilation is used for via Wallace in Ward 13 (Engram crafting).

That was our quick guide on how to get the Hero’s Sword in Remnant 2. For more on Remnant 2 be sure to see our GJ section for this game found over here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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