Best Explorer Build for Leveling in Remnant 2

The treasure hunter of the Explorer
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Saving the best until last? Or at least that what you may have thought for the Archetype you receive by beating the game. In Remnant 2 the Archetype given as a reward for completing its Campaign is one that pushes you further and far beyond the limits that most gamers cannot fathom. Being all about having increased drop rates of items, you will find yourself becoming the Indiana Jones of Remnant 2 as the hunt for treasure is on. The Explorer Archetype pushes you to dive deeper into the world of Remnant 2 in search of becoming the very best. It asks players to complete the game once again with a new character of the Explorer and tempts you into the harder difficulties offered in the game. With all that being said, this is Vincent’s guide on the best Explorer Build to use in Remnant 2.

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Best Explorer Build in Remnant 2

The Explorer Archetype is the obtained through completing the Campaign for Remnant 2. Specifically, players need to defeat the final boss in order to get the Broken Compass. This then is used via Wallace inside Ward 13 of the post-game to get the Engram relevant to the Explorer Archetype. Whilst the route to obtaining this Archetype may be long for some, it is made longer for those experiencing the Armor Set bug which is important to unlocking the Archon Archetype.

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The Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2 is very different to the rest of the Classes available to unlock. Although there may be more hidden which players are stumbling upon, the Explorer Class is one that every player will find by completing the Campaign. But its core mechanic for a Build is as a scavenger. It has increased drop rate chances for ammo, currency, metal, scrap, relic fragments and other items being dropped by enemies. It is a great Archetype to use for those going back into the Campaign on a harder difficulty. With this in mind, what is the best Build to use for the Explorer Archetype?

Explorer and Medic Build Summary

The Explorer really is used to obtain more loot and treasure to aid you on your journey into beating the game on Nightmare onwards. Therefore, I would not say that there is a particularly better Secondary Archetype to use with the Explorer equipped. But if we were to pick the best we would suggest either the Medic or Hunter. The Medic is just a good shout to have for its passive healing ability and Relic Charge replenishment. Both Archetypes have the added bonus of increased crit damage chance whilst the Plainswalker Skill will increase the mobility of the Class as if you were using the Invader Archetype.

This Build is best for solo players where upon completing the Campaign for the Explorer Archetype, you will have a solid collection of weapons that you know are powerful to use, alongside having more options from beating the Campaign on Nightmare and harder. The Medic adds both support to a solo Class whilst holding damage via the Invigorated Perk.

You will want to use the Regenerator as your Prime Perk to replenish any Relic Charges spent in battle. This Build is not specific to neither ranged weapons or melee. For this reason, you can really use whatever you want but we recommend using weapons catering towards that crit damage that it provides.

Explorer and Hunter Build Summary

Our second pick for the best Explorer Build is the Hunter which provides a strength in damage with its Dead to Rights Prime Perk. This Build focusses on long-range weapons which will provide an increased ranged damage, weakspot damage and crit chance. It will work well with the Explorer Archetype, however it may be one that could easily be switched with the Challenger or Gunslinger. But with its high mobility of the Explorer due to the Plainswalker Skill, you will want a Class that can appropriately deal damage from afar so that you can either evade the enemy when you reload.

This Build focusses around long range damage whilst also having one of the highest methods of mobility in Remnant 2. Being able to increase movement speed by 15% with Urgency (Hunter) and 20% movement speed for Plainswalker (Explorer), you will find that your Build is all about evasive manoeuvres. We recommend using weapons such as XMG57 Bonesaw, Blackmaw AR-47 and Alpha Omega.

That was our recommendations for the best Explorer Builds to use in Remnant 2. For more guides for Remnant 2, take a look at all of our relevant GJ articles here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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