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How to Find and Open Storm-Bound Chest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Charge the Conduits and send that Drake packing
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Patience sure is a virtue as you wait for the new Trial of Storms to begin. From the massive lootable arena of the Trial of Elements in December 2022, to what is now a simpler, easier Trial of the Storms in the latest Patch for players to gain those all-important Keys for Zskera Vaults, World of Warcraft is offering greater chances of opportunity to gain some Epic Items. Although some may be experiencing bugs with the latest Trial due to the little-to-no Conduits to interact with during Stage 2, this guide will show you where to find the Storm-Bound Chest and how to unlock its contents in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Where to Find Storm-Bound Chest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Storm-Bound Chest is part of the Trial of Storms that is only accessible once a week. The location in which you will find this Trial is within The Old Weyrn Grounds Region. You will find this located roughly in the centre of this Region, specifically inside the The Frosted Spine of The Forbidden Reach. Players need to head to the exact coordinates of 48.9, 73.2 where the Trial of Storms Arena can be located. As you arrive you will see a preparation area with a countdown towards the beginning of the Trial. You must complete the Trial, with other players here to help hit the multiple Stages in order to obtain the Storm-Bound Chest.

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How to Open the Storm-Bound Chest

How to Beat Stage 2 in Trial of Storms

As you are preparing for the Trial to begin, this is marked as Stage 1, where the Event counts down from 60 seconds. This gives players inside the Region or those who are trying to make their way towards the Trial enough time to get in. The Storm-Bound Chest can be seen via the Map Overview, indicated by the Chest icon on the south side of Old Weyrn Grounds. After a minute passes, the Trial officially begins, going into Stage 2. The primary Objective is to ‘Charge the Lightning Conduits’. There are a total of four Conduits located on the Mountains to the left and right-hand side of the Chest. You need to stand near them and select Expel Power to Charge these.

Charged Drakelings and Stormcrows will appear within close proximity to the Chest. You should divide your attention to both dealing damage to the enemies whilst also going to each Conduit and Expelling Power for approximately 10 seconds per Conduit. You will gain the ability to Expel Power through defeating the enemies in the arena for a stack of Elemental Charge. This will bring forth the Charged Drake for Stage 3.

How to Beat Stage 3 in Trial of Storms

Finally, the Charged Drake will spawn in where the final Stage asks you to slay this Boss. The Charged Drake is much easier to kill in a group as the enemy cannot fight multiple players at once. The Drake in the Trial is a Level 70 Boss and used close-combat attacks. Because of this, it is best to use long-ranged Spells to deal damage from afar. Upon doing so the Trial will end and as a result, the Chest can now be opened. By unlocking the Storm-Bound Chest, players will obtain 500 Elemental Overflow, Condensed Magic, Untapped Forbidden Knowledge and the Zskera Vault Key.

That was our guide on how to find and open the Storm-Bound Chest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. We have a lot more WoW: Dragonflight content readily available for your gaming needs over at Gamer Journalist.

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