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How to Open the Runic Ward Chest in Zskera Vaults – World of Warcraft

This chest is giving a headache to many players.
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World of Warcraft recently introduced Zskera Vaults, which are Dragonscale Expedition treasuries that you can visit and loot for valuable rewards. Every chest in the Vaults will be opened in a different way, some even with puzzles, reminding us of chests in Torghast in WoW Shadowlands.

However, there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to one particular chest in Zskera Vaults – the chest with a Runic puzzle. Read on and find out how to open this chest and reap its lovely rewards.

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Opening the Runic Ward Chest in Zskera Vaults Explained

The Runic Ward chest has 4 rune orbs floating above it and it requires you to press them in the right order in order to open. But, as it has been confirmed by many, no matter what combination you try, you can’t open this chest. Even though this bug still exists, there are certain fixes that we’ve found work for some players.

The first fix involves you removing an energized circlet (in case you have one). No one is sure how this is connected to the puzzle but many players reported that it helped.

The second fix is connected to the Interact Key. Players have reported that they were able to unlock the chest by disabling the Interact key in the game settings. You can disable it by going to Game Menu > Options > Controls > Enable Interact Key (uncheck this feature).

Lastly, some players said that they have simply logged out while staying in front of the chest and then logged back in a couple of hours later. When they attepted to open the chest after the new login, it worked.

The correct combination for opening the chest is clicking on runes in the following order: 2-4-3-1 (the second rune from the left, the fourth, the third, and then the first).

Since chest still isn’t opening for everyone, it seems that it’s a bug that still isn’t entirely fixed. We will update this article as soon as we know more about this issue.

How to Get in the Zskera Vaults?

In order to go to Zskera Vaults you first need to complete the Forbidden Reach intro questline, and then fly to the Forbidden Reach and complete all quests until you reach the one called Exploring our Past.

Still, you will need Zskera Vault Keys to enter these vaults and these can be obtained from Pathfinder Techa. They will give you an initial quest that will get you 6 Zskera Vault Keys. If you want more keys than that, you can always farm Elites in the Forbidden Reach or complete side-quests in the region.

We hope you’ve found our article helpful. For more World of Warcraft content, see our pieces about all dungeon and zone requirements in WoW and how to find the Trial of the Elements. Follow us on Facebook for more news about the latest releases in the gaming industry.

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