how to feed panda shitieshou in wo long fallen dynasty
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How To Feed Panda Shitieshou In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Panda, Panda (grrrah)

You may have thought Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is all about gore, fighting demons, and really cool dragons; well, you won’t be wrong. To give you a break from all the fighting (and really cool dragons), you can wander around, finding harmless demons like the Shitieshou Panda. Honestly, all they want to do is eat, sleep, and give you rewards by offering them food. So, if you can’t feed Pandas in real life, find out how to feed them in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to feed Panda Shitieshou

Pandas are one of the much, much more harmless you can find lazing around in the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If they aren’t sleeping, trying to climb various walls, and looking like you’ve been starving them for their life, you can find them chilling, waiting for the hand that feeds them.


These Shitieshou will consume various metals and, in return, can offer rewards such as small trinkets. For example, feeding a Panda an Elixir can give you an Offical Seal as a reward. You can also give the Shitieshou a White Wooden Cudgel. To feed the Panda in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, go into your Inventory and select the item you want to feed it. Once you have selected the item, click on it, and a box will appear; after this, click on Drop.

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After taking the item, and its belly will glow (not for rubs, unfortunately). Soon after, some loot will sprout from its belly, and it’s yours for the taking! After feeding the baby, it will lay on its back, give off a wide yawn and give a sleepy cat a run for its money.

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