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How to Farm and Use Magma Blocks in Minecraft

Magma Blocks are your Best Friend in Minecraft!
magma blocks for days!
image via Mojang

Want to know how to farm and use magma blocks in Minecraft? There are multiple great uses for them, and obtaining them is not as hard as you may think. From making sick jams to changing the directions of elevators, magma is worth its weight in gold voxels. But is there an easy way to mine it and utilize it, and what can it be used for? Yes, yes, and yes. We have you covered.

How To Farm and Use Magma Blocks in Minecraft

Simply take any pickaxe and go mining in the nether. It’s that simple. The nether has a ton of magma blocks lying around near lava lakes and basalt delta biomes. If you want them, this is your best method.

You can get unlimited magma blocks through this technique. But the nether mobs will come for you. If you’re able to fight them off quickly, then this is the most efficient method. Or just build yourself a magma cube farm, ya dingus!

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Uses For Magma Blocks

Players can use magma blocks to prevent mobs from entering their base. For that reason alone, it is priceless. It can also be used for safeguarding villagers. Using frost walker boots, players won’t take any damage from magma, so there’s that, too.

In Minecraft, there are two types of water bubble columns. Magma and water have their own rewards. One pushes entities upward, while the other pulls them downwards. Magma blocks produce downward bubbles that pull the entity downwards. Players can use a combination of magma and soul sand to create an elevator in Minecraft. Easy breezy, kids.

And what about making music? Note blocks are wonderful blocks that can produce music in Minecraft. It can create musical tunes for 16 different instruments, including guitars, xylophones, bass drums, and more. Recreate your fav. jams, too. Players can use magma to create bass drum sounds. Place a note block above a magma block to use for bass drums.

Magma blocks look good with Blackstone and netherrack, too, so use them to add visual flair to your buildings. It gives a ‘nether’ feel to your architecture.

In Closing

As you can see, there are many wonderful uses for magma blocks and now that you know how to get them, the world is yours. Literally in this case.

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