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How to Escape in Roblox Spider

Arachnophobes beware!
Roblox Spider Cover Image
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Spider is an unexpectedly terrifying survival game on Roblox, an online gaming platform. Spider is a multiplayer horror game in which a handful of people try to escape a terrifying, giant spider monster! In order to escape the wicked beast, the players must solve puzzles to figure out a way out of the cabin that the spider has trapped them in. You’d think this would be a simple process, but you’d be wrong!

You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to win a simple Roblox game, but Spider is no joke. Trying to escape with your life in this game is unexpectedly complex; you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to win. Keep reading to find out how to make your escape in Roblox Spider!

How to Escape in Roblox Spider

Escaping the spider creature in Roblox Spider isn’t as easy as you’d think! The process of finding all the items you need to use to escape is already incredibly difficult, but what makes it worse is the fact that you’ll have to avoid the deadly spider and its traps at the same time. It may be difficult, but escaping in Roblox Spider isn’t impossible! All you need to do is use the items to make your escape and avoid the spider at all costs.

Here is a list of all the items and what they do in Roblox Spider:

  • Red Key – Opens the Red Locked Door
  • Blue Key – Opens the Blue Locked Door
  • Green Key – Opens the outdoor Shed
  • Orange Key – Opens the Locked Orange Safe
  • Yellow Key – Opens the Locked Yellow Safe
  • Purple Key – Opens the Exit gate (outdoors)
  • Crowbar – Breaks away wooden planks
  • Battery – Powers the Exit through the outdoor Shed
  • C-4 – Blows open the Bunker
  • Wrench – Disables the Bunker’s Defenses
  • Bug Spray – Sprays the spider creature to stun it for 20 seconds
    • There is a 1:20 cooldown period between sprays, so use it wisely!
  • Ladder – Enables access to the Attic
Hiding Behind a Door in Roblox Spider
Image via Roblox

You should be able to find the keys fairly quickly, though the other items will require a bit of extra effort. First, you’ll need to locate the room with the “Open From Bunker” graffiti on the floor and the bookshelf wall (it should be on the first floor). In this room, you should find an Orange Key. Grab it, and go upstairs to the second floor. Once you’re on the second floor, go into the room without the locks or wooden planks on it. In this room, you should find the Crowbar. Trade the Orange Key for the Crowbar (you can only hold one thing at a time, but remember where that key is for later) and break off the wooden planks barring the room to the safe (upstairs) and the wooden planks barring the Exit gate (outside).

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Once you’re back inside, look for the Red Key and use it on the Red Locked Door downstairs. In this room, you should find the Blue Key. Grab the Blue Key and unlock the Blue Locked Room upstairs. Once it’s unlocked, go inside the room and grab the next item, which should be the Green Key. Use the Green Key to open the Shed in the backyard. There should be a Yellow Key in the Shed, but you should leave it until later.

Getting Eaten in Roblox Spider
Image via Roblox

Next, you’ll need to find the C-4 to blow open the Bunker outside. To do this, grab the Ladder from the side of the house (outside) and use it to get to the Attic upstairs. Once you’re in the Attic, grab the C-4 and use it to blow open the Bunker in the backyard. Once the Bunker’s been blown open, go back inside and grab the Wrench. Go back into the Bunker after you’ve gotten the Wrench and disable the Bunker’s defense system. Once you’re able to move freely inside the Bunker, flip the switches on the walls and follow the hallway back up into the house.

Next, you’ll need to locate a Battery and go back outside; you’ll need to put the Battery in the Shed and flip the switch. This should power the Exit gate when you unlock it (eventually). After all that is done, go back to the upstairs bedroom (the one that was never locked) and grab the Orange Key from earlier. Use the Orange Key to open the Locked Orange Safe across the hallway and grab the Bugspray, which will allow you to stun the spider creature for 20 seconds. You may use this whenever you like, but it’s recommended that you use it to stun the creature while you grab the Yellow Key from the Shed and use it to Open the Locked Yellow Safe (located in the Bunker) to grab the Purple Key.

Once you’ve got the Purple Key, go outside and unlock the Exit gate. After the gate has been unlocked, step through it to finally make your escape in Roblox Spider. Congratulations!

Disclaimer: some of these items may be more difficult to find/not in these specified places, due to random spawn generation and interference from other players.

Roblox Spider is undoubtedly terrifying, but it’s not the only horrifying survival game that Roblox has to offer. Check out Gamer Journalist’s recommendations for Roblox horror games if you’re in the mood for a thrill!

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