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How to Easily Beat Last Boss in Remnant 2

The final boss doesn't stand a chance against anyone who reads this guide.

Fighting the final boss in Remnant 2, Annihilation, needs to come with a warning that says it’s a really annoying and difficult feat. But, it is probably what you would expect from a game like this. A challenging, annoying experience that at the same time requires all of your focus and tests all your skills.

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Now, you shouldn’t be discouraged and the boss can definitely be beaten, but I just wanted to warn you and let you know that if you die multiple times it’s not your fault. Many of us thought that we were on a mission impossible when facing this boss but as time went on we learned his tricks and weaknesses and brought him down. In our article, we’ve compiled every piece of advice we could think of that will help you skip learning some of the things on your own skin and hopefully allow you to beat the Annihilation quickly and without too much struggle.

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How to Bring Down the Final Boss in Remnant 2?

The first thing you should know about the fight with the last boss of Remnant 2 is that it will be in three phases. Each round of fighting will have its own unique challenges for you but as you will see some are more difficult than others and will require quite a bit of your skill.

When preparing for the boss fight with Annihilation you should know that bolstering your armor won’t do you much good as the boss can kill anyone in a couple of hits. The main name of the game here would be dodging his quick attacks with swift moves, having a decent heal (lots of it) if your dodge game isn’t the best, and packing up reliable damage output.

You probably have your own weapon of choice that you are used to, but we would still recommend you use long-range weapons (both long gun and handgun) against this boss. He can of course be killed by close-range weapons as well if you’re skilled enough but as we saw it adds extra difficulty that simply prolongs the fight. Because during the battle, the boss will interchangeably get in your face and away from you all the time so if you use shotguns you are limited to when you can shoot at him. Range weapons give you the luxury of shooting at him whenever you want so if you would like to make this fight easier on yourself, choose them as your partners in crime. Also, think about adding a Damage over Time (DoT) effect to your attacks such as Fire damage, for example, to further increase the speed with which you can take him down.

You should be aware that there are no specific builds that you need to go for in order to take him down. The fight with the last boss really comes down to your reflexes, timing, and understanding of how the boss works. Having the right weapons will just hasten the process and let you slay him faster.

The First Phase of Fighting Annihilation

The boss will perform most of his attacks with his sword and you can anticipate what he is going to do by the moves he makes and the sounds he produces. It is key that you pick up on these things since his attacks are pretty swift and devastating and he can two-shot you easily.

In the first phase, you’ll learn that he has a basic attack where he slams the sword into the ground while trying to hit you. These are pretty easy to avoid so just dodge him when he is on a run and shoot at him when you notice those two seconds when he slowed down.

When you see the boss pulling the sword behind him, that’s the moment when he’s spawning the homing orb bombs. You need to shoot at these as soon as he creates them since failing to do so will mean that they will go at you in a minute or so and when they hit you, you will take massive damage.

After that, you’ll learn about his sword drag attack. The boss will come down to the ground, put the sword behind him, and just as you hear the sound of the sword dragging on the ground you need to dodge because that’s when he’s coming at you still dragging his sword with him. Oftentimes he will combo this with a shockwave that is produced when he flies a bit into the air and then slams the ground. You can dodge the shockwave by either rolling backward or forward into it.

Shoving the sword into the ground is another attack that you can expect from Annihilation. It will trigger roots to come from the ground and try to catch you. The best way to dodge them is to roll left or right, instead of forward or backward. The latter dodge move will still get you caught in them.

Note: The ammo will spawn all over the ground during the first phase. We suggest you pick it up since it won’t be there in the later stages.

The Second Phase of Fighting Annihilation

The second phase of fighting the last boss is the hardest phase. It will take you into a different world where the boss will have more devastating attacks but what makes it extra hard is that this second reality in which you’ll fight him is kind of glitchy. This means that it will sometimes transfer you back to the first world without any notice and in the middle of the boss’s deadly combos. So the quick tip for this would be – whenever you get transferred between worlds, dodge immediately because most likely an attack is coming.

Another thing that makes the second phase so hard is an abundance of red herrings. You will be showered with all kinds of effects that don’t deal damage and don’t signal anything. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you die a couple of times during this phase (we all have) until you learn to distinguish his real attacks from irrelevant environmental effects.

When it comes to attacks that Annihilation does in this phase, the main thing you should look out for is his swipe attacks. He will have a couple of versions of a swipe attack with his sword with which he will cover a lot of ground. As mentioned in phase one, most of the time you will hear the sound of the sword dragging before you get attacked, so never forget that. You can dodge these swipes with a simple roll in any direction.

A new thing he will use in this phase is various grids that will come your way. They will look like prison bars and all you need to do is place yourself in a way that they don’t touch you (remember the Resident Evil laser grid scene?).

As you notice I don’t describe attacking him much because that’s something that you need to decide on your own. He will give you small windows between his attacks to shoot him and you need to use these as much as you can. I decided to put the focus of the article on knowing the boss and his moves since that’s the main thing that will get you through this fight and beat him quickly.

The Third Phase of Fighting Annihilation

For me, the weirdest thing about this fight is phase three. The boss is technically defeated with phase two but in this last and the easiest phase, he will be there (in the process of dying I guess) but his health bar won’t. That’s because you don’t need to shoot him at all. Instead, you will need to kill or simply avoid his minion dogs or rats attacking you. If you’d like you can shoot them, but simply dodging them will be enough. After a minute or so of avoiding these creatures, the boss fight will end and you will officially be victorious.

We hope our guide made it easier for you to face the last boss! Read more about Remnant II in our articles on Can You Have Multiple Characters in Remnant 2? and How to Get Hero’s Sword in Remnant 2. You can head over to Gamer Journalist’s Facebook page and give us a like if you’d like to see more guides for the latest games.

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