How to Drift in Mario Kart Tour

Learning how to drift well in Mario Kart Tour is essential if you want to compete with the best of the best. Controlling your drifts will give you a huge advantage around turns and provide a nice speed boost whenever you need it.

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How to Drift in Mario Kart Tour

To learn how to drift in Mario Kart Tour, let’s use an example where we want to drift to the left around a turn. We’ll start by swiping our finger left on the screen, but keeping the finger towards the center of the screen.

You basically start drifting from the moment your finger touches the screen. If you are trying to turn left and touch the far left of your screen, your turn will be very wide which will make it difficult to recenter your finger in order to cut a sharp corner.

The best tip we’ve found is to try and start your turns from as close to the middle of the screen as possible. This will give your finger plenty of room to move around and control your drift more precisely.

Drifting definitely takes some more practice than just simply controlling your driver’s direction. The practice is well worth it, because once you master this technique you will be getting 1st places quite easily.

One last thing is that we use smart steering. It helps to control the drift, and your drifts will be a bit looser if you turn it off. This is just personal preference, and turning it off might actually be better with more practice. Be sure to experiment with the different settings to see what you like best in Mario Kart Tour.

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