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How to Defeat The Puppet Master in Prodigy?

Crush him with your calculations!
The Puppet Master in Prodigy
Screenshot via Prodigy Education

Prodigy is a popular, educational math game that’s been captivating young minds and helping them develop their math skills for years. At the heart of this exciting journey is the formidable antagonist known as the Puppet Master, a formidable foe that players must overcome to complete the game.

The Puppet Master is the main villain in Prodigy, and you won’t be able to beat the game without defeating him first. In this article, we’ll provide young math wizards with a guide on how to beat The Puppet Master in Prodigy and emerge victorious in their mathematical quest!

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How to Beat The Puppet Master in Prodigy?

Prodigy seamlessly blends educational math tools with elements reminiscent of a Pokémon-style, pet collection RPG, which creates an engaging and dynamic learning experience for players of all ages. As players reach the end of their magical math-filled journey (math-ical?), they’ll come face to face with the most formidable villain in the game: The Puppet Master.

The Puppet Master is an evil wizard whose only goal is to hoard all of the knowledge in the world for himself and prevent everyone else from learning. Obviously, that kind of shenaniganary simply cannot be tolerated. Here are a few tips and tricks that players can utilize to take him down, once and for all:

  • Equip your strongest, highest-level Pets prior to battling him.
    • Try to make sure that they each have high defense and health stats, as The Puppet Master’s attacks do a lot of damage.
  • Equip your strongest armor and weapons.
    • You can begin purchasing armor and weapons from Merchants as soon as you fight your first real battle at the beginning of the game. Make sure you’re consistently upgrading your armor and weapons as you progress throughout the game so that you’ll be fully prepared to take down The Puppet Master in Prodigy!
  • Don’t lose focus.
    • The Puppet Master will throw out a lot of high-damage attacks throughout the battle and will even take control of your Pets from time to time. Despite this, do not lose focus on your real target. Don’t attack your mind-controlled Pets and don’t fiddle around with any of his underlings; just focus 100% of your firepower on The Puppet Master.
Stones in Prodigy
Screenshot via Prodigy Education
  • Become a wicked mathematician wizard.
    • If you’re not as number-savvy as you’d like to be, then you may want to consider practicing for a while prior to taking on The Puppet Master. You’ll need to get every single math question correct during your battle; you won’t be able to afford any fumbles!
  • Grind out some major levels.
    • Before you try to take down The Puppet Master in Prodigy, you’re going to want to make sure you’re at a high enough level first. Be sure to battle everything and everyone you meet on your journey, and get some extra battling done right before your big fight!

Other than this handful of tips and tricks, there aren’t really any fool-proof methods to defeating The Puppet Master in Prodigy. However, as long as you do everything mentioned in the list above, you shouldn’t have any problems with taking the Prodigy’s biggest villain!

Prodigy is easily one of the most entertaining math games on the market. If you love playing educational video games like Prodigy, then you should totally check out our list of recommendations for educational, back-to-school games!

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