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How to Decrease Hit Chance in Epic Seven

They can't hit you if they can't hit anything.
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Accuracy is one of the most important stats in an RPG. There are few things as agonizing as winding up for a big skill or attack only for it to end up whiffing entirely. Though, when your opponent is the one whiffing, then it becomes quite satisfying. Here’s how to decrease hit chance in Epic Seven.

How to Decrease Hit Chance in Epic Seven

One of the broad debuff types in Epic Seven is Decrease Hit Chance. As the name probably tipped you, off any character inflicted with Decrease Hit Chance (denoted by a symbol of an eye with a cross out over it) is less likely to land any attacks they launch. Specifically, it lowers the target’s Hit Chance by 50%, and if they still land a hit, it’ll only deal 75% damage and can’t crit. If you inflict Decrease Hit Chance on an opponent, that means you’re much more likely to avoid their attacks wholesale.

Image via Smilegate/Super Creative

There’s no hard and fast way to inflict Decrease Hit Chance on an enemy with every single Hero, but there are many Heroes with personal skills that have a chance to inflict it. The characters and specific skills that can inflict Decrease Hit Chance are as follows:

  • Kayron’s Void Slash
  • Basar’s Hurricane
  • Arbiter Vildred’s Dark Blade
  • Armin’s Flash of Light
  • Shooting Star Achates’s Magic Design
  • Tieria’s Demon Cutter
  • Doris’s Mana Bullet
  • Jena’s Cold Snap
  • Jecht’s Staff Assault
  • Nemunas’s Shock Arrow
  • Celeste’s Precision Fire
  • Pearlhorizon’s Chaos Strike
  • Kikirat v2’s Cleaning Mode
  • Lidica’s Thornbush
  • Dizzy’s Emotional Gamma Ray

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Keeping one of these Heroes in your team to use these abilities will go a long way toward ensuring your party’s overall longevity. After all, you don’t need to worry as much about your Heroes running out of health if an opponent can’t lay a finger on you.

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