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How to Craft and Use the Repair Tool in Sons of the Forest

Time to fix things up!
Cold Virginia in Sons of the Forest
Image via Endnight Games

Anyone who has tried out Sons of the Forest can agree on at least one thing, which is that this intense, hardcore survival game is sure to have you on the very edge of your seat. After surviving a plane crash and landing on a remote island, you must work to stay alive as groups of cannibals and terrifying mutants work to hunt you down. If you die twice in the game, you’re finished, so there isn’t much room for forgiveness in this world. Discover the many mysteries on the island, such as the laboratories hidden all around it, and build a shelter that you can be proud of! In this guide we will cover how to craft and use the Repair Tool in Sons of the Forest!

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How Do You Craft and Use the Repair Tool in Sons of the Forest?

Image via Endnight Games

In order to craft the Repair Tool in Sons of the Forest, there are a couple of things you will have to do. First, you must gather three different materials in order to craft the item. A single Stick is needed, which can be obtained by chopping small trees and saplings using your weapon. You will also need a Rock, which you can get by poking the ground with a Stick or just going out for a walk along the shoreline until you find one you can collect. Lastly, Rope can be found on boats or in cannibal camps that you encounter. Using all of these items, you will then need to craft it on the mat after pressing the I key to open your inventory, and selecting all three items.

In order to use the Repair Tool, you can put it to work on your structures, after they have been damaged by hostiles. Using the Repair Tool helps to fix up your base and make sure it’s back to its full defensive potential. Also, the Repair Tool can be used to collect more Sticks, which you can get from small trees and saplings as we mentioned above. Lastly, although the Repair Tool does not deal any damage to cannibals or other enemies, you can use it to kill birds and obtain Feathers. Good luck surviving out there!

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