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How to cook Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Healthy recipe on its way.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image via Gameloft

One of the most attractive features about Disney Dreamlight Valley is cooking. Gameloft has worked well on setting up all the intricate details to give users a wonderful experience while they follow recipes and cook.

While there are many recipes to cook in the game, we will focus our attention on the delicious Vegetarian Stew. Let’s see how you can cook this amazing dish.

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How to cook Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Vegetarian Stew is the typical Disney dish most of us are familiar with. Not only does it look good, the dish is extremely healthy. It is a three-star dish, which doesn’t take long to cook. The stew provides 617 energy points and 475 coins if you plan to sell it. This makes the dish an attractive option for cooking. Now let’s check out the recipe.

Unlock the Vegetarian Stew from the “Meal” tab on the menu after selecting the “Collection” option. You can cook recipes in your house kitchen after unlocking it early in the game. If you don’t have a home kitchen, you can head to Chez Remy restaurant to cook. Here are the ingredients for the recipe:

  • Potato
  • Carrot
  • Onion

You will find potatoes in the Forgotten Lands and we usually see the carrots in Peaceful Meadow. You can get onions in the Forest of Valor region of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Head to your nearby stove after you have collected all the ingredients. Add your collection to a pot with one coal and start stewing the veggies. You should have the Vegetarian Stew ready in sometime. Once you have it ready, you will unlock the recipe in Collections book.

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