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All Sunstone Fragment Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

She really has us collecting stones. SMH.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Mother Gothel, you’re both cunning and beautiful. How dare you make us traverse around the valley looking for stones and doing your bidding. Mother Gothel is everything you’d expect once she joins you in the valley. She’s pretending to be your friend and casually degrades you. Go ahead and try to give her a gift she doesn’t like. Try it. We dare you. She’s ruthless and gas lights you to the extreme. If you really want to be her friend, for some unknown reason, you’ll be taking on the quest The Sunstone Fragments. You’ll need to find sunstone fragments to progress. Here’s all the sunstone fragment locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Sunstone Fragment Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Friendship is magic and as you play longer you’ll notice a pattern. Once you bring someone to the valley you’ll need to gain their trust. You can do this by giving them gifts they love, feeding them meals in Remy’s restaurant, participating in quests, and hanging out with them. Mother Gothel is no exception and once you befriend her she’ll talk to you about her discovery on Sunstone Fragments. There are three fragments you will need to find for her. Each stone is located in a different location and depending on the time of day is when you can find them .

Sunstone Fragment Location: Sunlit Plateau

Sunlit Plateau is one of the locations where the Sunstone Fragment is located. First things first. To unlock the plateau you’re going to need 7,000 dreamlight. This is easily doable if you do your dailies and farm, mine, or fish repeatedly. After you unlock the zone you will need to head to the plateau during the morning. The sunstone fragment is easily recognizable and will be out in the open near the water. Pick it up and onto the next fragment.

Sunstone Fragment Location: Glade of Trust

Glade of Trust should be one of the first zones you open up, unless you went the other route, and opened the zones on the right side of the map. You need at least 5,000 dreamlight to open this zone. The fragment will be located in this zone during the midday. You don’t need to open your Switch exactly at noon. We played around 2pm and still were able to find the sunstone fragment resting next to a tree. Grab the fragment and let’s find the last one.

Sunstone Fragment Location: Forest of Valor

Forest of Valor is the first zone we opened up. Once we heard that there would be a quest involving the Frozen cast we couldn’t pass it up. You need 3,000 dreamlight to open this zone up and is considered the cheapest zone to start out. Just as with the others involving time, you will need to head here, during the night. We logged into the game around 6pm and we were able to find the stone near a tree. Grab the stone and let’s go see Mother Gothel.

Sunstone Fragment Quest Finished Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mother Gothel appreciates, barely, that you managed to find the stones. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. It looks like the stones aren’t as shiny as they should be. They’re dull, therefore, Mother Gothel is irritated because she thinks you did something to them. After explaining you just found them that way she laughs it off and suggests she does more research to figure out how to bring them to life. That concludes the quest until she requests your assistance for the future.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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