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How to Complete Vehicular Manslaughter in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

An explosive end to the enemy
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DMZ Season 2 brings players a brand new Map and Faction to partake in, with 5 new Tiers and a complete reset on all previous Missions as part of the Black Mous, White Lotus and Legion Factions. Whilst Ashika Island is available for the DMZ playerbase, the Crown Faction is a different story. Only those who have purchased Modern Warfare 2 will be able to play through the Crown Faction Missions. As you have got this far, for this Tier 2 Mission, here is how to complete the Crown Faction Mission, ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2. Rewarding players with the Contraband Weapon, MCPR-300.

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How to Complete ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’

The ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’ Mission asks players to kill a total of 15 enemies using C4 to detonate two different Vehicles on the Map. This does not have to be done in a single deployment however. Players will find greater success completing this Mission with a full squad, however you can easily achieve this Mission as a solo. Keep in mind that you do not need to complete this Mission within a single deployment, nor do you have to go to a certain Map in order to hit these Objectives. For this Mission however, we recommend going to Al Mazrah to complete this Mission.

Kill 10 Enemies with C4 on Vehicles

The first Objective asks you to kill 10 enemies by detonating C4 on any Vehicle. The first thing you should do is bring C4 into the deployment with you, so add this into your Loadout before you enter DMZ. You should also add Munitions Box as your Field Upgrade, giving you a replenishment after you have used it. Of course, if you do this with a full squad you should be able to hit these Objectives with ease as you and your teammates will have a large supply of C4 ready to go for this Mission.

Damage the Vehicle Before Driving

Whether you are playing on your own or with a team you should find a Vehicle, either a Jeep or Cargo Truck will be best for this and weaken it. To check the Vehicle’s “health”, enter it and look at the Vehicle icon and to centre of the bottom middle of your screen. The red bar that will fill as you shoot the Vehicle indicates the amount of damage done to it. You want to aim for at least half way so that when you use the C4 it will detonate the Vehicle instantaneously. Once the Vehicle is at half bar, place the C4 onto it. Now you need to find some enemies to kill.

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Target Lower Levelled AI

Focus on taking on the lowest level AI on the Map. This is why we recommend Al Mazrah for this Objective due to their quick to kill timeframe. These will always die upon impact with the C4. When finding enemies to kill however, most of the time the enemies will appear in small groups, scattered throughout the Map. Players can go to known hot spots such as Sa’id Mall or Al Mazrah City, however the large groups of enemies are not guaranteed. You can of course, lead enemies to you but some will stand and find cover to fight from instead of chasing you to a different location.

For these reasons listed above, we highly recommend going to areas on the Map where a HVT Contract is present. You do not need to start the Contract however, but instead look within the nearby vicinity of where the Contract icon is on the Map (phone with crosshair symbol). Once you find this small group who will be protecting the target, detonate the C4 from the Vehicle. Make sure that you are not nearby however or you can get downed easily by the explosion. You should also get a Self Revive, especially if you are solo.

Ambush Armored Trucks

Alternatively, players can target the Armored Trucks on Al Mazrah who will roll up, guaranteeing 4 kills if you successfully use the C4 to detonate the Truck. You will need 2 C4 here however for the Truck to explode. But this is another method that you can definitely use to add kills to the counter for the first part of ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’.

Kill 4 Enemies with C4 on Helicopters

This Objective can be much harder to complete than the first. Whilst Helicopters count towards the first Objective too, you will find better luck completing the first Objective using land Vehicles. However, as using a Helicopter is required for Part II, players should go to Ashika Island. From here, players should wait for a Light Helo which holds enemy AI inside, as they are flying into the area, use your C4 on the Helo to detonate it. You will need to throw 2 C4 for it to have an effect on the Light Helo however.

You will likely need to try this again and again with the Helo spawning in few and far between. Wait for the moment in which the Helo lands. You will need to be close by in order to throw the C4 as its range is limited. Remember that the C4 needs to be touching the Vehicle for it to count towards the Objective.

That was our full guide on how to complete the Tier 2 Crown Mission, ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’ in DMZ Season 2. For more DMZ Mission Guides, feel free to look at How to Complete Hideout Preparation Mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ or Where to Find Gun Oil in A Helping Hand Mission – Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

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